The Mentalist – Episode 3-10 Review

I am an entire day behind the television watching, so for the sake of time, reviews for Thursday and Wednesday shows will be very short (shorter than they the present short reviews). I was overwhelmed this week with other stuff, but I’ll definitely be churning out reviews next week.

“Jolly Red Elf” has a fairly average case involving addiction and a wacko nurse, but if we are to believe that Jane wasn’t lying while undercover, it holds a certain significance. Jane is addicted to finding Red John–like a true addict, throwing away his life for a singular goal.

The investigation of who burned the suspect at the end of last episode begins and Jane is the first suspect, although we know it isn’t him. In the end, Minelli helps Jane obtain the entire suspect list, but I’m still convinced he is Red John. I guess we’ll find out in a few years.

Score: 8.5/10