10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 12.13.2010 – Slammy Awards, John Cena Rehired

Welcome once again to another 10 Thoughts on WWE Raw! This was a fun show to watch, but probably not worth three hours. Sadly I was wrong about the Superstar of the Year from my earlier blog, but if you read my predictions often, you know that is nothing new.

Now, on with the thoughts!

1. WWE has done a really good job of changing up the look of Raw lately. Tonight’s modified set and opening made the show feel more like a big pay per view. Sadly the announce team that welcomed us to the show included Michael Cole, which was a downgrade from the pleasantness that was Josh Matthews last week.

2. Nice use of former WCW Champion David Arquette tonight. I know it was pretty silly, but he was a heel who never actually got the better of anyone. The only complaint would be his voice, which was clearly out of his control.

3. Since I don’t write a ton about Smackdown, I have to say that CM Punk singing Happy Birthday to Rey Mysterio’s daughter was the creepiest moment of the year. It deserved an award, but that’s all because of CM Punk’s performance.

4. Hold up! How was Randy Orton’s RKO on Evan Bourne not the move of the year? I’m willing to give it move of the decade for that matter. It was an awesomely timed and memorable move. They were robbed (I’m aware that it’s a fake award).

5. I’m not that angry about John Cena being rehired tonight, simply because I expected to see Cena vs Barrett at TLC. I would have rather seen them wait until Royal Rumble to book that match, but since they didn’t, I’ll take it now. The question is what does Wade Barrett do once John Cena has gotten his revenge?

6. The Miz vs Rey Mysterio is another match that I don’t think was necessary tonight. Imagine if three years ago we saw Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels in a throw away match on Raw. Would it have been as special to see it at Wrestlemania?

7. Inside my own mind, I was really hoping for Edge to spear Christian through a table during the award presentation, thus setting them up a Wrestlemania match between them. A boy can dream, right?

8. What does the #1 Contender Match at TLC actually mean? Will Sheamus win to headline the Royal Rumble in a heel vs heel match? Will John Morrison and The Miz have a chance to headline a major pay per view with what could be considered a mid card match. I’m throughly intrigued by Sheamus vs John Morrison now.

9. I really don’t like the idea of fan voting for the Superstar of the Year award. I know it doesn’t matter too much, since the awards themselves don’t, but I would love to think that heels could win the award. John Cena did not really have a good year either, which makes the award look a little silly.

10. John Cena gets revenge on David Otunga with a steel chair. Is there anything really special about his “chairs” match with Wade Barrett? Why should anyone watch, since we have already seen Cena beat Barrett so often? I’m hoping to be surprised at the PPV, but am cautiously pessimistic.

That’s all for this week folks! Check back very soon for more thoughts on wrestling today. Keep checking itswilltime.wordpress.com for my latest wrestling ramblings.

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