Marvel Wants To Know…..Do You Fear What You’ve Become?

So yesterday was “everyman Spidey” reminding us that the real world is a mess and he’s just like us. I was not a fan. Today, on the other hand, we get a little mutant action by the awesome Terry Dodson, and the meaning I’m taking out of this is just….well, let’s take a gander.

Cyclops dressed like Magneto, with the words “Do you fear what you’ve become?”. See, this works for me. Scott has evolved a lot in the past few years, and his methods have definitely moved away from what Xavier has done, or would have done, and while he’s not in the Magneto camp yet, he’s a lot closer than he was before taking over as the leader of all things X. It’s not a hard conclusion to jump to that, eventually, Scott will wind up more like Magneto than Xavier as he fights for the survival of his entire species.

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