Burn Notice – Episode 4-16 Review

My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy. Until… Well folks, we’re now down to 2 episodes left this season, and things are about to seriously heat up. Last night’s episode focuses on 2 story-lines this week. Michael and Jesse’s attempt to get the data from Simon’s Bible that is now on the thumb-drive into the hands of the U.S. government, and Sam’s quest to clear the tarnished name and reputation of a cop buddy of his.

So Sam has a cop buddy named Kevin who has gone missing and is suspected of stealing a lot of drugs. Sam and Michael find a dealer (Ted) through Kevin’s phone records. After abducting and threatening to leave him to die, Ted confesses that his connection is Pete…Kevin’s partner!! Long story short…Michael poses as a potential partner in the drug trade for Pete, makes some threats, and eventually sets him up to take the fall for the drugs. In the end, Kevin’s name is cleared and his reputation is restored.

Elsewhere, Michael and Jesse have decided to turn the thumb-drive over to the government and have decided to use Jesse’s former handler Marv to facilitate the transfer. The goal is that they can both get their respective jobs back. Michael and Fi have a talk about him going back to being a spy, during which Fi tells him that she wants him to have the choice to get his job back, even though she doesn’t want him to do it. Later, when talking to Maddy about the situation, Fi assures her that if Michael leaves like he did before (not saying goodbye) that she’ll kill him. Marv initially is skeptical and doesn’t even want to meet Michael to discuss the situation. Michael agrees to Marv’s request to take a polygraph.

“State your name and occupation for the record,” Marv begins.

“My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy.”

Later, Marv addresses his concerns with Michael’s friends (Sam and Fi), but Michael assures him they are fine. Eventually Marv agrees to take the data containing drive and turn it over. Michael and Jesse go to meet Marv and hand over the drive. After Jesse gives the drive to Marv, Michael notices that the “Homeland Security” team has silencers on their weapons. Marv has been threatened, and is then shot by the so-called “Homeland Security” team. They load up into their getaway SUV and shoot the tires out of Michael and Jesse’s car (obviously so they can’t follow). As the SUV leaves, Michael looks through the open window and sees a familiar, grinning face.

Tyler Brennen: Part-time spy; Full-time sociopath

Jesse sees that Michael recognized someone in the SUV. Jesse asks who it is. “Our worst nightmare,” Michael tells him.

As I stated earlier, we’re down to 2 episodes left, which will air next Thursday from 9pm to 11pm. I can’t wait. Even though he’s playing a villain, anytime Jay Karnes shows up on Burn Notice, we are guaranteed a good time. There have been many rumors circulating that Tim Matheson will be back next week as Larry “The Undead Spy,” but you’d figure that if he were going to be on the season finale, he would have been shown in next week’s preview. The preview talked about some of the baddies from Michael’s past showing up, but they only showed Brennen and Vaughn. Given that Tim Matheson is a well known actor, has made 2 appearances on the show, and has directed multiple episodes, you’d figure that if he were to come back, he would have been in that preview. All I know is that next Thursday can’t come soon enough for me. Even though we’re coming up on the winter break that most shows have and I will be without any shows on Thursday, I still want to know how this season is going to wrap up.

Maddy is one of the characters I talk least about, but I have to comment on her from last night. Obviously, Maddy has some things going on that are going to make her somewhat uneasy. She’s not too keen on the idea of Michael going back to his old job, but she seems to be a bit more concerned about Fi, and how this will effect her. We all know that Maddy really likes Fiona, and holds on to the glimmer of hope that Michael will decide to give up the spy life for Fi, so that they can have a normal relationship together…or as normal as they possibly could have, but Maddy should be more concerned about her son than his “girlfriend.”

That’s it for me this week folks. See you again next week after the 2 hour season finale.

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