Reality Dish Interview w/ Brook Roberts & Claire Champlin The Amazing Race 17 [Podcast]

I honestly believe that Brook Roberts and Claire Champlin are the most popular contestants ever on the Amazing Race. The wildly popular home shopping network hosts were absolutely hysterical on the show and managed to retain the positive attitudes even with all the challenging detours and roadblocks that were thrown at them. I talked to the pair about whether they thought they raced the purest race (were the only team in the finale to not use an Express Pass or a Fast Forward) and how far they finished behind Nat and Kat. Does it annoy them that they were so close and yet so far to being the first all-female team to win the show? What is the hardest item to sell on the home shopping network? Do strangers ask them for kisses because of the kiss count? And how do they rank Murtz’s flair?

Check it out!

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