10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! 12.16.2010 – RVD, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Mickie James, AJ Styles

Reviewing the 12/16/10 episode of TNA.

10 Thoughts on TNA Impact

Line of the Night(s) LON:

Matt Morgan and Ken Anderson to Jeff Hardy

Matt- “…Really? Is this really what we’re hearing from Hulk Hogan’s little bitch boy puppet? Really?”

Ken- “Oh and your make up is running, too, btw.”

Matt- “And Hot Topic is looking for their belt, too, you might want to give it back to them. But I digress…”

1. Now that it has been brought up, it’s very doubtful it would be revealed, but I like how Jeff Hardy did bring up the possibility to Mr. Anderson that Matt Morgan could be working him. The thought would have to run through Mr. Anderson’s mind given that the turn happened relatively quickly.


Mike Tenay-  “Christy Hemme with handcuffs?”

Taz- “Sign me up.”

2. I’d be surprised if Cookie(Becky Bayless) still has a voice left after her screaming during matches. Nice to see Jay Lethal regain his title. He should never have lost it to begin with.

LON: Bischoff to AJ Styles about regaining the TV Title

Bisch- “…’cuz if you don’t, I can find any jabroni out there to do a Ric Flair impression. In fact Jay Lethal does a damn good one.”

A future hint that Jay could be recruited and turn heel? Hmm, now that would be cool.

3. Having Brian Kendrick be Eric Young’s sensei and advice giver has the potential for many more funny moments. Eric Young has the old TNA World Title via the trash can. We’ll see where they go with this. They’ll need that back eventually, so a nice touch to keep it around. When the next Champion needs it back, better watch out, Eric.

LON: Monsters in the Morning FM co-host to Matt Morgan’s dna being shot into outerspace:

co-host-“You think you’d be strong enough to shoot your own…”

Matt- “You’ll have to ask Mrs. Morgan that.”

Nice touch with the behind the scenes Matt Morgan. He always shines in these segments.

4. Chelsea is gone? Say it isn’t so, TNA…Magnus also reveals to Douglas WIlliams that Desmond Wolfe(and London Brawling) should be returning soon. Evidently, Dez has been playing futbol.

LON: AJ Styles to Madison Rayne(and Tara) as they screamed at him brawling with Douglas WIlliams in their dressing room:

AJ-“Shut up Hooker!”

4. I wouldn’t say necessarily Tara will be working matches through injury as she never tagged in, but it looks like she’ll be coming out with more Barry Bonds like body armor. At least they are putting it to good use already. Poor Mickie. With Chelsea gone, at least Miss Tessmacher is back. She is very easy on the eyes. Not to mention I was impressed with what she showed in the match.

LON: Hilarious moment after Madison Rayne does her Crotch lock face stomper…

Taz and Tenay lose their concentration

Taz- “Look at this. Wow. Sign me up.”

5. I always have a problem with wasting a cruiserweight division wrestler in a squash match. Red was very overmatched against the re-christened Bully Ray. Red really made him look good, tho. He took one helluva back drop as a well as probably the best looking Bully Bomb I’ve seen. But let’s get Red back to facing Jay Lethal, TNA. Either turn Jay heel or put a heel manager with Red to give us some fresh match ups between them.

6. The British Invasion returns to TV with Magnus’s cameo and Rob Terry returning. In the battle of the Robs, RVD gave a brief pre-match promo keeping his name alive in the hunt for his title match vs. Jeff Hardy. The Freak got little crowd reaction. He may be better utilized in a Fortune bodyguard status as teased by Kazarian. Even so, Terry sold well for a muscle-head.

7. Looks like The Pope is skimming the collection plate for adult entertainment. Is Pope turning heel again? Not sure if I fully agree with that decision. I’d support a Jay Lethal turn more at this point. The Pope if pushed properly as a face was getting strong crowd reactions.


Tenay- “How about Jeff Jarrett using Kurt’s special entrance lift?”

Taz- “I don’t know Mike it seems like as of late, Jarrett’s taking everything that was Kurt’s.”

8. The whole Double J Double M-A challenge is getting very funny. The fans or “fans” they showed really getting into were a riot to watch as they got psyched up, really wanting to get in the ring. I also have to continue to give props to Jarrett for not only getting into the new gimmick but fully embracing it.  Who would have thought Jarrett’s segments at this point in his career could be this interesting?

9. Last week TNA showed their venture into Abu Dhabi(correction from last week). This week, TNA continues their pushing of their overseas shows with bumpers for their upcoming shows. No matter what their draw, TNA is establishing that they are playing on a global scale attempting to really expand their live brand. Hopefully they continue to show footage from these shows as it helps put over the live experience no matter where you live.

10. The bumping heard in the background of backstage segments is a nice touch, but are we left to wonder are there matches going on that we can’t see? Or make you wonder just when are these segments taking place?

Match of the Night:

Main Event

TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy and Kazarian vs. Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan

Lots of matches this week that had their moments, but consistently, the main event stuck to the story of the match which was Mr. Anderson’s head injury as well as playing to the classic tag team match formula. The finish including Rob Terry could not have been predicted weeks ago, but if they want to get miles out of Rob, then this is the way to do it. The powder keg which is Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan looks to be one or two sparks away from igniting by their body language at the end of the program. Not a fantastic main event or slew of matches to choose from, but this was the best of the bunch this week in my humble opinion.

Final Show Thoughts:

Not one of the stronger shows I would say but introduced a few new developments in some story lines and re-introduced some TNA wrestlers. Most notable omission from tonight’s program would be Ric Flair and Beer Money, constant fixtures most weeks. An Angle return has to be imminent. Also missing from new segments were the Motor City Machine Guns, Abyss, Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, The Beautiful People, Winter, Sarita and Ink, Inc. And of course, for now…Samoa Joe.

That is All.

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