DR. TNA: Five Random Questions

by David Roberts

As I was watching this week’s iMPACT, five questions came to mind.  I don’t necessarily have answers for all, or really any, of them.  However, I found them interesting, so I thought I’d share them with the patients (aka DR. TNA readers) and see if you all share any of my intrigue.

  • AJ Styles and Fortune/Immortal seem to be trending towards a split, could this mean that we are on our way to a AJ face turn? 

I like that Douglas Williams took the belt off of Styles at Final Resolution.  Not only does it give Williams a boost, but it could free AJ up to move back into the main event picture.  There does need to be a transition away from the feud these guys have now, but that could be done.  Bottom line Styles is one of TNA’s biggest names and he hasn’t been in the top matches for some time.  Perhaps this is a step towards rectifying that problem.  Should be interesting to see what TNA has in store for Styles in the upcoming weeks.

  • Oh where have you gone Rob Van Dam? 

I understand the need to rotate to wrestlers through the main event, as well as the heavyweight title picture.  However, this week saw Rob Van Dam in a match with Rob Terry.  No offense to “the Freak,” but Rob Van Dam is too big of a star to be this far from the main feuds.  Quick, who was the last wrestler with which Van Dam feuded who was not part of the ex-ECW crew?  There have been some excellent developments as a result of the EV2.0.  However, the burying of RVD has not been one of them.

  • Is the Pope eyeing a walk on the dark side?

Two weeks ago we heard the Pope announce an awakening following his loss to Abyss.  His message carried a call to donate to the needy during the Christmas season.  At the time I didn’t see that as possibly signaling a heel turn for the Pope, but this week the insinuation that the Pope may be skimming some or all of those donations left that door open.  I made no secret about the fact that I felt the Pope should have beaten Abyss at Final Resolution and I still believe that would have been best.  However, if it had to be a loss, perhaps using it to push Pope in a different way would be worthwhile.  With the emersion of Matt Morgan as a top face and the return of Mr. Anderson, maybe things are crowded on that side.  The Pope certainly has the mic skills to go heel.  Maybe this could be a good route for him.

  • What is the point of the Double J Double M A challenges?

I am not your typical Jeff Jarrett hater that I read or hear from all too often who won’t give JJ credit for anything because they might have to pay him a compliment or pass up the opportunity to criticize him.  He may not be the guy I tune in for each week, but he deserves a lot of credit for the fact that there is a TNA at all.  He also, can be a valuable talent on the roster.  However, this faux MMA challenge stuff has got to go.  It is not appealing to MMA fans.  It is not remotely believable.  Most importantly, it is not good TV.

  • Can we PLEASE get Jay Lethal more mic time? 

Remember the Jay Lethal imitations of Ric Flair?  At least in the opinion of this writer, that was quality TV.  I didn’t fully understand it, but his gimmick of imitating the Macho Man was also quite funny.  I fully realize that these were meant to break him into a more sustainable role within TNA.  However, that doesn’t mean he needs to lose it, entirely.  I’m happy to see Lethal become the X division champion.  I’m also pleased to see the possibility of a Lethal – Kazarian feud for that belt.  But PLEASE, let’s get Lethal some time on the mic with a goal of some more impressions.  A guy can be taken seriously and still be funny, can’t he?

In closing, a bonus question:

  • Have you seen the pictures of the Knockouts in the holiday spirit?

If not, do yourself a favor and click here.  From me to you, consider this your Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, and Happy Festivus for the rest of us wishes all rolled into one.

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