Marvel Announces Age Of X Tie-In Mini; Age Of X Universe

So Mike Carey’s upcoming Age of X has been drawing a lot of comparissons to the Age of Apocalypse, which to this day (in this bloggers eyes) is the pinacle of the alternate universe mega-crossover. It was awesome on countless levels, and almost fifteen years later it’s still just as impressive. So with that name running through the minds of fans, even if it’s unintentended, it’s a high bar to reach.

We already know that the Age of X is an alternate reality without X-Men or Avengers, where anti-mutant sentiment is at a high. It’s a different world, and from everything we’ve seen, it looks like it could make for one hell of an event.

But now we’ve got another Age of Apocalypse tie, thanks to a Marvel press release today. See, during the AoA there was a book titled X-Universe which showed what some non-mutant characters were up to during the event. We saw a non-armored Tony Stark, a Donald Blake without the powers of Thor, Sue Storm and Ben Grimm in a world where there was never a Fantastic Four, and even Gwen Stacy was there. It was a fun, if not short, mini that added a nice amount of extra Marvel-esque depth to an event that was entirely X-Men.

How does this tie-in?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you….Age of X-Universe.

Official Press Release

Next year’s most talked about X-Men event gets bigger this March with AGE OF X: UNIVERSE #1 (of 2), from writer Simon Spurrier (SILVER SURFER: IN THY NAME) and artist Khoi Pham (CHAOS WAR). In the Age Of X, the mutants of the world never banded together to form the X-Men. But what of the Earth’s other heroes? In a world without X-Men, a world without hope, what side do the Earth’s Mightiest stand on? See the story of Marvel’s greatest heroes through new eyes as the future of mankind is decided in AGE OF X: UNIVERSE #1!

Keep your eyes peeled this week for another Age of X Historical Log inside select Marvel Comics. Be sure to head out to your local comic shop to find the next clue you will need to unravel the mystery that is Age of X.



Penciled by KHOI PHAM


Rated T+…$3.99


Anybody care to guess who these shadowy figures are? I’m thinking Hulk is the bruiser on the right, and while Captain America seems like a no-brainer for the figure leading the charge, my gut is telling me to guess U.S.Agent. Maybe I just like John Walker, who knows? Either way, I want this….and I want some unshadowed reveals!

Age of X launches with Age of X Alpha on January 26th, and will then be featured in X-Men: Legacy by Mike Carey and New Mutants by Zeb Wells, and then I’d imagine it’s going to end with an as-of-yet-unannounced Omega issue.

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