10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 12.17.2010 – Kaval, Laycool & Tyler Reks.

1. Ah, finally Edge you acknowledge how mind-numbingly stupid the whole Paul Bearer/Kane feud was! No idea why it took him so ‘effin long to figure it out, but the one thing that bugged me most about the piss-taking opening segment was that throughout the whole feud he took it deadly serious but now he is treating it as one big joke – come on, make up your mind Mr Rated-R Superstar.

2. Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler are all young, up-and-coming future WM main-eventers, but for some unknown reason, however hard I try I just can’t get myself excited about their ladder match at TLC. However, if they had thrown Kaval into the match, I would find myself looking forward to this match the most as he can make them all look like Superstars. But WWE seem to have something against the NXT season 2 winner – GRRR.

3. I think Vickie Guerrero needs to take on a more of a Senstational Sherri-esque type role and not be afraid to take a few finishers now and again. If Swagger had of Gutwrenched Powerbombed her while she was shooting her mouth off that could’ve easily been moment of the month – plus, the crowd would of went crazy for it!

4. *tut-tut* Drew McIntyre do you have no dignity?! – However pretty Kelly Kelly is (and that’s A LOT of pretty) it doesn’t give you a reason to flirt your sexy ass off with your wife Tiffany’s BFF! But really, what the hell was that? – the ‘acting’ by those two made The Rock’s acting ability worthy of an Oscar.

5. What a disappointing match between Chris Masters and ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes. I really wanted to see this pairing continue with a feud for a while and couldn’t wait to see it progress further but after that two minute squash match it looks like it has came to an unfortunate ultimate end.

6. After the Divas segment I now strongly dislike Laycool. For most of the year I tried my best to simply ignore the gruesome twosome but found myself on more then one occasion sniggering to their jokes (yes, I am embarrassed.) But after being horrible to my beautiful Beth and Natalya that is it – they are no longer just an annoyance to me they have now got their own double page in my Burn Book!! The one good thing that came out of that segment however was customized pink table? – the artist got Michelles scrawny body down to a T.

7. Poor Tyler Reks, having to be lumbered up with Chavo in a tag team match. I thought WWE were going somewhere with Reks but obviously not. Why not pair Chavo up with somebody from the official WWE Superstars roster i.e: Primo and go from there rather than having somebody who could one day be a legitimate star lose to Santino.

8. Congrats WWE you have done what you should have done ages ago and finally put Ezekial Jackson onto the Smackdown roster. I’ve always had a soft spot for Big Zeke but my one tiny gripe about him is his stupid smiley happy face, he needs to be an intense and dominant force rather than looking like he is getting off on punching people out. However, I’m not entirely sure where Ezeikial will fit in on SD, has anybody got any ideas?

9. Well, the less said about that clusterf*** ending the better!

10. Best match: Swagger/Dolph vs. Kaval/Kofi tag match, only for the amazingness that is Kaval though.
Worst match: Chris Masters/’Dashing’ Cody Rhodes as it was such a disappointment.
Best segment: Str8 out of Brooklyn with JTG – NOT! That was perhaps the worst segment ever! Its obviously going to have to go to Cody Rhodes’ grooming tips – he gave some good advice on how to blow-dry your hair, there’s nothing I hate more then when bad hair happens to good people.

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