10 Thoughts on WWE TLC 2010

Welcome to the final pay per view ten thoughts of the year! This one should be a fun one to write about, with some potential show stealers on the undercard. Speaking of show stealing, you should check out my show stealing blog at itswilltime.wordpress.com. Now, let’s get this party started with my patented thoughts on TLC.

1. Fun ladder match to open the show, but the ending left a little bit to be desired. In a true sports atmosphere, wouldn’t the match be stopped until the Championship could be rehung if Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger could not posses it? It was an interesting ending, but also a cheap one. Dolph Ziggler retaining the championship does nothing for me.

2. How did Beth Phoenix not injure herself in the Diva’s match tonight? When she fell out of the ring it looked like she broke her neck. I’m glad she was able to continue with the match. It’s also a good thing that we got to see LayCool go through a table.

3. Why does WWE feel the need to put heat on The Nexus at actual PPV’s? On multiple shows this year we saw Nexus interfere in the first couple matches and deliver a beatdown. Wade Barrett has all the heat in the world and his promos could get just as much heat as these beatdowns.

4. I’m so impressed with John Morrison’s performance in the Ladder Match for the Number One Contendership tonight. He looked like a legitimate possible contender. This match, if followed up on correctly, could be the breakthrough moment in the career of John Morrison.

5. Sheamus and John Morrison had one of the best ladder matches I have ever seen. They worked a psychological match without involving the crazy ladder spots too much. Everything that they tried seemed to match sense, which is not often the case in these matches. This was the match of the night and could even be on the top five WWE matches of the year list.

6. It is a logical fallacy to use instant replay in one match if WWE is not going to use it in every match. The Miz won the WWE Championship match with a very creative (and crafty) ending. That should have been the end of the story. Will WWE use instant replay in any other matches or will we just see it on the occasions where it fits the storyline?

7. Why is Rey Mysterio dressed like Gene Simmons? This makes no sense to me. Speaking of things not making sense, this entire TLC match is full of spots with no follow through. Comparing this to Sheamus vs Morrison is like night and day. A Ladder Match (or TLC) still needs a story, which this match is sorely lacking.

8. Edge as World Heavyweight Champion makes sense for the brand, but I have to wonder who he can feud with? Are there legitimate heels on Smackdown for him to fight? There is Kane and Alberto Del Rio, but he just beat them. Jack Swagger was squashed by Edge on Raw this week. On top of that, this match was slow and unexciting.

9. Why is there a Santa Big Show and Cody Rhodes promo on PPV? This would be bad on Smackdown, but to actually have to pay for it is ridiculous.

9a. The redeeming aspect of the Big Show and Cody Rhodes promo is the fact that Cody Rhodes was wearing sock garters. Fantastic.

10. John Cena vs Wade Barrett was more exciting and memorable than last year’s “Chairs” match between Undertaker and Batista. This was a pretty good match. Sadly, after this match John Cena proceeded to beat Wade Barrett down in a truly heelish way. I don’t understand why fans should support a lead babyface who acts like a heel after vanquishing his rival.

That’s all for me on this show folks! I’ll be back soon with 10 Thoughts on Raw and quite possibly on the John Morrison vs The Miz main event for Royal Rumble. Hope you enjoyed the show (or at least reading my thoughts on it)! For more from me, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

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