10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 12.20.2010 – Royal Rumble Setup, John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler, Miz in Action

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Welcome to another delicious edition of 10 Thoughts on Monday Night Raw. I’m working on building up a Bret Favre-like streak of consecutive 10 Thoughts and this is yet another Monday night in that streak. For more of my consecutive posts, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

Now, on with the thoughts!

1. Silly opening segment tonight, but did anyone expect any different than that with this being the last Raw before Christmas? John Morrison was solid, but unimpressive on the mic. It was better than I thought it would be.

2. Wow. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a weaker heel turn than Melina’s. I know the motivation will come out in the weeks to follow, but what could have been a game changing moment in the Diva’s division was met with disinterest.

3. It was cool to see William Regal and Daniel Bryan in the ring together for the second time (the first was on NXT and last about a minute). I wish they were given more time, but I know that I would say that if they were actually given 20 minutes. Not a bad match, but I would like to see more from the two.

4. Does Tamina have her own tag team to manage? Should she really be in mixed tag matches with someone else? Santino was not entertaining tonight and it is sad that Ted DiBiase, who was so over last year and so close to a major babyface run, is now a jobber to Santino.

5. Since when is it a babyface move to make fun of a woman for her weight? John Cena’s promo on Vickie Guerrero tonight was a horrible display of the type of humor WWE allows. It was not funny, nor was it appropriate. Two nights in a row John Cena has displayed full on heel mannerisms while expecting to be cheered as a babyface. Tonight John Cena was absolutely appalling.

6. On the actual match front, John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler was decent. I feel like we have seen John Cena almost put over a midcard talent multiple times (Swagger, Miz and many others) and it never matters. John Cema dominated too much of this match. Also, shouldn’t the Intercontinental Champion against a top world championship contender be promoted ahead of time, since theoretically it is a big match?

7. CM Punk starting a program with John Cena actually worries me. We have seen him lose so many times in matches with Cena that I’m afraid this rivalry will just be a squash which is something we do not need after Punk’s disastrous rivalry with Big Show.

8. I like that WWE is taking advantage of Jerry Lawler’s current popularity. He has a lot of rub to give and should be allowed to give it.

9. One of the biggest things I was watching this match for was to see if John Morrison would be given any featured spots. Sadly, he looked like the low man on the totem pole compared to Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler. We’ve still got over a month to get to Royal Rumble, so they could afford not to give the major rub to Morrison tonight.

10. Randy Orton vs The Miz is a huge main event for the live Smackdown tomorrow night. Hopefully it does more than just make the WWE Champion look like a jobber on both brands.

Overall, not the greatest show, but I’ve seen far worse. I’ll be back later this week with all sorts of other treats of bloginess. Be sure to check out itswilltime.wordpress.com for all sorts of other updates on wrestling.

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