Which (Green) Lantern joins the Justice League of America (JLA)?

Here is some interesting news from DC:

It’s been a cold, cold week here in New York and across much of the country. Yes, winter is undeniably here.

So while folks outside are bundled up and dressed for arctic conditions, I’m personally glad to have the distraction of March’s solicits, which break online Monday.

Over the course of the day, we’ll have a couple of teases for you to remind us all that, oh yeah, spring will come again.

First up, hmmmm, where to start?

How about this: What Lantern joins the Justice League next Spring? Interwebs, start your speculation….

Stay tuned for snippets of DC’s March 2011 solicits today and over the week.

This news could mean a few different things:

(1) Hal Jordan joins the JLA since the Ryan Reynolds movie is coming out in 2011.


(2) One of the other New Guardian “Lanterns” in the DC Universe right now, dancing about Geoff Johns’s “main” Green Lantern book, joins the JLA. You’ll note the tease is “Lantern” not Green Lantern.


(3) Perhaps DC’s resolves the “who is the White Lantern” tease by March and DC’s new White Lantern joins the JLA? Brightest Day should be ending only a few issues after March afterall.


(4) ???

While DC’s current JLA roster has been met by mixed reaction, it is doing quite well with DC’s “next generation” as its main cast. In November it was slightly out of the Top 20 (at spot 22) selling over 50,000 units. That’s great in today’s market.

To that end, I really like Jade as the Green Lantern “archetype” on the team. So, I’m hoping a “Green” Lantern doesn’t join the team.

DC should just launch another JLA book with the big gun icons in it and leave this one for James Robinson. Afterall, James Robinson’s Justice League of America is the BEST super-hero team book on shelves today. And, with Mark Bagley’s departure and the rumoured addition of Brett Booth on art (fingers crossed), this book could actually grow in sales.

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Source: DC The Source Blog