Emma Stone Signed On For Multiple Spider-Man Films

If Easy A proved Emma Stone has what it takes to be listed among the top young actresses working today, her work on the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, currently filming in Los Angeles, could be what it takes to push Stone into forefront of her generation.

Hopefully she’ll have better career longevity than Kirsten Dunst, who seems to have taken a few years break from the national spotlight since starring in the last of director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. Like Dunst, who played Spider-Man’s girlfriend Mary Jane, Stone will be stuck in Spider-Man’s web for at least a few films.

As love interest Gwen Stacy, Stone dyed her hair back to its original blond for the role. Now she has revealed to Jay Leno during his late show that she might need to keep it for a few more years because of commitments to further films.

The yet untitled Spider-Man reboot directed by Marc Webb is is currently filming in Los Angeles — taking up seven sound stages on the Sony Pictures lot, according to the Los Angeles Times. Two weeks of production will take place in New York, where the story takes place. Andrew Garfield, who most American audiences were introduced to in this year’s The Social Network, is taking over the role of Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man from departing actor Toby Maguire.

As production continues, I hope we get an official title for the film sometime soon. If Sony is going to just call the film Spider-Man again, that’s fine but I really hope they decide to go with something a bit catchier — like The Amazing Spider-Man. Just not Ultimate Spider-Man, please. What does that even mean when taken out of the context of the Ultimate Comics line of Marvel books?

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