Some Marvel Alternate Costumes From Marvel Vs Capcom 3 For Xbox360 & PS3

I like that they didn’t throw random colors on the characters, and there seems to be reasons for each choice. She-Hulk gets totally screwed as only one is actually based on Jennifer Walters. You get on Lyja and two Betty Ross’s in the batch…but the costumes are still really cool!

And I would have preferred AoA Magneto to the Internet Meme version, but fan service always wins out.  All in all, these are great alternate costumes!

Standard Iron Man

Old School Iron Man

Stealth Iron Man

Silver Centurion Iron Man

Standard Wolverine

X-Force Wolverine

Brown Costume Wolverine

Modified Age of Apocalypse Wolverine

Standard She-Hulk

Lyja Frightful Four

Ultimate She-Hulk

Red She-Hulk

Standard Spider-Man

Black Costume Spider-Man

Stark Suit Spider-Man

New Costume Spider-Man

Standard Magneto

Ultimate Magneto

Mutant X Magneto

Internet Meme Magneto

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