Trailer Watch: Second Trailer for The Lincoln Lawyer

Typically, I have misgivings when I read that an author is happy with how a film adaptation of his novel turns out. I’m not sure why, but it could just be a way for an author to diffuse a situation; to satisfy fans of the book and leave them assured that everything is fine. But I’m willing to give Michael Connelly the benefit of the doubt, especially after his recent problems with a certain Hollywood studio.

This year Michael Connelly sued Paramount Pictures over a rights-issue dispute regarding his greatest literary creation, L.A. detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch. Harry has appeared in 15 of his 22 novels. Paramount optioned the first two novels, The Black Echo and The Black Ice, but Connelly made the mistake of giving Paramount ownership of the character. Paramount never developed either book into a film, despite Echo having a screenplay written by Ted Tally (Oscar winner for The Silence of the Lambs).

I only mention this as a preface to The Lincoln Lawyer, Connelly’s sixteenth novel overall but his first to feature the character Mickey Haller, an L.A. lawyer who conducts business from the backseat of his Lincoln Sedan. (Hence the title.) He’s also a half-brother to Harry Bosch.

The Lionsgate film stars Matthew McConaughey in the role of ace defense attorney Mickey Haller who makes his money defending garden-variety hoodlums. Yet his latest case involves a real estate magnate/playboy (Ryan Phillippe) accused of rape and assault. Of course he claims he didn’t do it, but we know better.

Brad Furman (The Take) directs from a screenplay by John Romano, who previously adapted the novel Nights in Rodanthe. While the trailers haven’t wowed me, the overall cast too good to ignore. Besides McConaughey and Phillippe, Marisa Tomei, William H. Macy, Michael Pena and Bryan Cranston fill out the cast in supporting roles.

The Lincoln Lawyer opens in theaters on March 18, 2011.

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