WWE, TNA, Indie Stars React to Kaval Release: Matt Hardy, John Cena, Samoa Joe, Joey Styles & More

As previously reported, WWE has released Kaval, who promptly posted on Twitter, “Irregardless of the current situation, I only move forward, I will keep you posted.”

According to Pro Wrestling Insider by way of the Baltimore Sun, the parting was amicable. This was also hinted at by MVP‘s tweet (MVP reportedly asked for his WWE release recently): “Whats up with @WWE getting rid of Kaval?” How do you know he didn’t ‘get rid’ of WWE ?”

Of course, as Low-Ki, Kaval was Ring of Honor’s first Champion. When asked about the former champ’s WWE release, former ROH head booker Gabe Sapolsky said, “It’s unfortunate they weren’t able to make the most of his unique and incredible talents.” Hard to disagree with that! (Gabe wouldn’t comment when asked about possibly booking him in DGUSA or EVOLVE.)

Here are some other comments, from Twitter:

Jim Ross: “Kaval’s release from WWE surprised me. Don’t know the circumstances. Kaval won’t have any issues finding work. I wish him my best.”

Matt Hardy & Shane Helms: “Just heard the news about the mega-talented Low-Ki-interesting. I agree Helms. RT @HurricaneHelms Ur a talented mafaka bro. @OneWorldWarrior”

Taz: “@OneWorldWarrior Fan of your work for a long time, stay positive…talent always rises to the top…and u got it!”

Paul Bearer: “@OneWorldWarrior Damn.”

Joey Styles: “If TNA doesn’t immediately sign Kaval (who won NXT based on wwe.com fans and wrestlers votes), I’ve no idea what they look for in wrestlers.”

John Cena: “CeNation. Behind as always. I guess wwe has released kaval. I have no clue why but this close to holiday would probally mean……. That it is pretty serious business.”

Former WWE ref Jimmy Korderas: “If @OneWorldWarrior didn’t ask 4 his release then the wrestling world needs an enema. Just my opinion”

Shelton Benjamin: “I’m not thinking [WTF] at all. Nothing they do shocks me. Have they used him since he was on nxt? I don’t know I never watch Wwe. Accept for last night. I guess my question is would you rather see him as a jobber for Wwe or the Indy phenom that he had been”

Jeremy Borash: “Very grateful to be working for a company that gives out bonus checks at Christmas instead of walking papers.” (Not explicitly about Kaval, but the timing makes it seem possible.)

Charlie Haas: “Sorry to hear the news of Kaval being released. Especially before Christmas. What a gift. Shows how classless WWE is. Low Ki ur better off. Anyways. Kaval is one of the best talents in the world. No doubt he will prevail else where. Much respect and love for him.”

Prince Nana: “The release of Kaval is not a shock 2 me…. What a loss to Wwe fans who have no say in the politics.”

Samoa Joe: “Huh Low Ki is back around? Hmm the cowards better keep their heads down someone is liable to get there #CraniumCracked.”

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