The People’s Column: WWE and TNA Wishlist for 2011 and Beyond

Dear friends, I would like to wish a very merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Today, I feel like doing something a little bit different and creating a wrestling wish list for the year 2011 and on. Consider it less predictions than opinions. Of course, it is all in good fun, so feel free to add your own as well.

– I would love for everyone who reads this blog to follow me on Twitter at Seriously, do it.

– I wish for WWE to make more extraordinary home videos for Blu Ray. It’s hard to go back to watching their product at home without the extreme clarity of HD.

– I wish TNA would actually have that rumored creative overhaul we have heard so much about. Their product is stuck in neutral no matter what happens or who is added. Something has to change.

– I wish John Cena would keep an edge to his character and never resort to stupid comedy or using the phrase “turd-burglars” again.

– I wish Hulk Hogan would fade into quiet obscurity and stop making the wrestling business look bad by appearing in Rent-a-Center commercials.

– I wish Brock Lesnar would find a contractual loophole and have the opportunity to headline Wrestlemania against The Undertaker.

– I wish The Undertaker would recover quickly and be as close possible to 100% come Wrestlemania time. Actually, I just wish for The Undertaker to be able to wrestle at Wrestlemania.

– I wish Shawn Michaels would stay retired, but make the occasional on air appearance (including as the referee for Undertaker’s Wrestlemania match).

– I wish Ric Flair would re-retire and ask for all of his TNA matches to be stricken from the record. Not a wrestling fan in the world would object to that.

– I wish for Randy Orton to use the equity built up in his persona to make new stars, as opposed to just doing the job half way (as with Kofi Kingston an Legacy).

– I wish Christian would make a major impact upon his recovery and prove that he is a viable main event talent.

– I wish Rey Mysterio would retire before he injures someone else.

– I wish Alberto Del Rio the best of luck as he attempts to move from upper mid card to main event level star. Many a man has gotten stuck on his way down that treacherous road.

– I wish Jack Swagger would have a new, less generic looking T-Shirt made. I would also love to see him take on a true main event role on the Smackdown roster that is so depleted right now.

– I wish for a fresh young babyface to emerge, since we have our fair share of young heels.

– I wish Ted DiBiase would buy himself a new personality that isn’t based on failing to be his father.

– I wish Ring of Honor nothing but growth in this new year. I also wish for their January show in Los Angeles to be one of the best they’ve ever put on, since I will be there.

– I wish AJ Styles a speedy babyface turn and a return to the hardworking persona that made him a respectable main event talent.

– I wish Samoa Joe a return to his personality of a take-no-prisoners ass kicking machine and some quality booking in the new year.

– I wish WWE would stop bolting announce tables together and just allow them to break on a regular basis again.

– I wish Smackdown would have the opportunity to go live on Tuesdays a little more often than once every 11 years.

– I wish CM Punk would establish himself once again as a top of the card competitor after being largely ineffective in the main event scene since his rivalry with Jeff Hardy.

– I wish Jeff Hardy would get all of his court proceedings worked out. I also wish he would find himself clean and sober with a renewed motivation for wrestling.

– I wish Matt Hardy would realize that he is the lesser brother and quietly retire.

– I wish MVP would find himself in a better place than he was in while a part of WWE. I also wish for him to be rehired by WWE and given a new push.

– I wish Edge would figure out if his character is a babyface or a heel and stick to it. I also wish for a run on Smackdown that proves his character is not stale or boring, but a true top shelf talent.

– I wish Triple H’s return would set the Raw brand on fire again.

– I wish for a quick recovery from the John Cena burial for The Nexus. They can do a lot more as a stable if they are able to recover and prove their dominance.

– I wish Dusty Rhodes would return to commentary, simply to hear the phrase “It’s clubberin’ time” on a weekly basis.

– I wish NXT would stop existing.

– I wish Cody Rhodes would find a way to toughen up the “Dashing” gimmick.

– I wish Daniel Bryan would continue to move the interest of the mainstream audience toward actual wrestling instead of entertainment.

– I wish Michael Cole would move into a heel manager role similar to Bobby Heenan with an entire “Cole Family” that he manages.

– I wish Sheamus would lose the horrible Irish King costume and keep doing exactly what he has been doing in delivering great matches and promos.

– I wish John Morrison would have his career moment this year and become a true main event level star. He has a great opportunity in the next six weeks and I hope he proves his worth in them.

– I wish The Miz would hold the WWE Championship until Wrestlemania and possibly for him to hold it through the biggest show of the year.

That’s all the wish I have in me today folks. Merry Christmas and God bless. Thanks for reading and making this blog a successful endeavor to take on.

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