The View From Down Here – PPV of 2010

I’ve been watching way too much wrestling this year. Waaaay too much. When it’s not the PPVs, it’s the local product, or it’s at training, or whatever. But I’ve enjoyed being a spectator this year (when I can), and have come to think that 2010 was not the worst year to be a fan of the WWE.

In that vein, I put forward for your consideration my PPV of the year. Rules are pretty simple: the matches must have come from a WWE PPV from 2010, no wrestler can wrestle more than once (except for the last match, but you’ll see why) but run-ins are allowed, and I have to like them. I have also tried to keep the actual wrestling to less than 2 hrs 40 mins of time (I got 2:20, which gives 20 minutes for promo packages and entrances…)

I would like to reiterate here one very important thing – this is MY pay per view of the year. Many will disagree, probably more with what I leave out than anything else. And I agree, a good argument could be put forward for many other matches. But it’s my show… so let’s get on with it!

These just missed out, mainly because of doubling up of wrestlers (sorry… superstars) in other matches I liked better.
            Hell In A Cell: United States Championship: (Submissions Count Anywhere) -Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison, won by Bryan
            Elimination Chamber: SmackDown Elimination Chamber, won by Chris Jericho
            Over The Limit: The Hart Dynasty (w/ Natalya) vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz, WWE Unified Tag Team Championship, won by the Harts

And, no, a certain WM match is not here because I was not into it. Sorry.

So, bearing all that in mind, this is my card, in the order I’d put them on. Hope you all enjoy and feel free to disagree completely!

Night Of Champions: US Title Match Daniel Bryan v The Miz, won by Bryan
            I am not a fan of the Miz, but this match was intense and showcased Bryan’s superb wrestling abilities. I was sucked into it completely, and had no idea who was going to win, which is always the sign of good booking and a good match. Bryan would go on to hold onto the strap until year’s end while the Miz would become world champ, and I have a feeling this feud is just on the back-burner. (10 min)

Fatal 4-Way: Evan Bourne v Chris Jericho, won by Bourne
            This match could have been longer, but told a classic story that I really bought into and it is good to see a veteran like Jericho putting over the young guy like this. I thought this was great, and it’s a shame Bourne’s push stalled about here. (10 min)

TLC: Ladder Match For A Shot At The WWE Title: King Sheamus vs. John Morrison, won by Morrison
            The ladder match is becoming almost a wrestling cliché, but I was impressed at this showing. Sheamus used the ladder as a weapon, working the knee magnificently, Morrison sold well, and the ending coming off the ropes with the kick was so awesome I marked out like a schoolboy. Nice to see that the oldies can still be goodies when it comes to gimmicks. (20 min)

Royal Rumble: Undertaker v Rey Mysterio, World Heavyweight Championship, won by Undertaker
            I think Undertaker is overrated, and also think Mysterio needs a break to heal. But this match surprised me and I really enjoyed watching them just beat the crap out of each other. (15 min)

TLC: Tables Match: LayCool (Layla and Michelle McCool) vs. Natalya and Beth Phoenix , won by Phoenix/Natalya
            LayCool gave me the irrits all year, but I am something of a fan of Natalya and Phoenix and I really enjoyed this match. The ending I thought was a botch at first but it was covered well and that final splash looked just deadly. Natalya came out of it strong, Phoenix took bumps that were sick as and the match had the sort of intensity more female wrestling in the televised product should have. (10 min)

Survivor Series: Dolph Ziggler v Kaval for the Intercontinental Tile, won by Ziggler
            Ziggler has been one of the most improved wrestlers this year and I know of Kaval from his time in indy promotions and TNA, and this match entertained me a lot. I was not expecting a huge amount, but I really enjoyed it. (10 min)

Wrestlemania 26: RAW World title: Batista v. John Cena, won by Cena
            Yeah, this feud was done to death, and they fought so often it was just painful at times. But I liked some elements of it. I liked the taping of Batista’s legs in the last man standing match, but I thought they did their best in their time here. And I had no idea who was going to win (especially as it was not the last match on the WM card) so that made it all the more engrossing. (15 min)

Royal Rumble: The Royal Rumble Match, won by Edge
            The RR is my favourite PPV of the year. But having recently been given the anthology, my memory is obviously not brilliant because, boy!, were there some duds in amongst it. And the undercard is generally not brilliant. But in 2010 the match itself was short, sharp and shiny, and played into several angles and storylines well, Punk looked like an absolute star, Edge making the surprise comeback and win, even continuing the Jericho story, and the Michaels soap opera all came together wonderfully. Great, great match, one of the very best rumbles ever (1992 is still the best, but that’s just me). (50 min)

So there you have it – my 2010 PPV.

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