Talking Shop #2 – What’s With All The Events?

Finally solved some computer issues, and figured I’d bring the podcast that never got off the ground back! Got a few ready for you guys, with this being the first. With all of the events that DC is doing, a critical issue would have to be that we have yet to be given a clear idea as to what is happening, or why for that matter. War of the Green Lanterns, Reign of Doomsday, and Flashpoint are all on the horizon, and none of them seem to have any buildup.

I got a hold of my buddy Jules Galette, who writes Thursdays I Don’t Care About You when his schedule permits, and we had a little discussion about all of this. Hope you guys like it.

And any suggestions you might have for the name of the show, feel free to send them my way. Talking Shop is still just a placeholder.

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