10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 12.27.2010 – Nexus Aligns with CM Punk, Miz beats down Lawler

Welcome everyone and I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas. As I sit down to watch Raw tonight after eating some delicious leftovers, I’m happy to be covering the last Raw of 2010. Make sure you’re getting all of the Will in your life you can handle by following me on twitter at twitter.com/itswilltime.

Now, on with the thoughts!

1. Isn’t it interesting that CM Punk, a heel, usually speaks the truth about the lead babyface he is up against? He says that Cena lied to the fans and other wrestlers. He said that Jeff Hardy was a drug addict and today’s announcement of a guilty plea shows that he is. Why is Punk a heel again?

2. Why isn’t John Cena actually taking CM Punk seriously? Joking Cena does not make money for anyone. All he does is make a couple people laugh and show that Cena is better than the heel. If Cena actually lost and was in jeopardy (also, he’d have to show some fear or trepidation) people would be more interested in his character and willing to spend money to see him in action.

3. Ted DiBiase went from an almost main event program again Randy Orton (which never happened, but was planned) to losing to Daniel Bryan to now losing to Santino in about a minute. How did WWE mess up on an almost main event guy so easily?

4. I liked the backstage interesting between Miz, John Morrison and Alex Riley. Adding a stipulation to the WWE Championship match does not excite me, but seeing Riley and Morrison with something on the line does. On a side note, I am not happy to see Morrison get his shot on Raw next week. I’d rather see him wait till the Rumble. That said, we should get a hell of a match next week.

5. Poor Tyson Kidd. Why did they feed him and his bodyguard to Mark Henry? Henry won’t get more or less over from it and Kidd’s act is so new that he needs wins.

6. I liked Miz and Jerry Lawler’s interactions in and out of the ring tonight. Their match was solid with Miz having a good excuse for taking a loss. Aside from their match, Miz’s beatdown on The King established Miz as dangerous, which he has needed in this Championship run. He also showed that he can hurt someone outside the ring for next week’s falls count anywhere match.

7. Wow. It is rare that we see a match started with no introductions during a break. Daniel Bryan deserves to be on the show every week, but if this is the best they can do, just give him 15 minutes in the Superstars main event.

8. Sheamus and Randy Orton had a good, but unexciting match. There was nothing really on the line for the two of them and that made it a little less interesting to me. This is where a ranking system (not TNA’s joke of one) would be great. Mention that they are fighting to get another shot at the WWE Championship in the future and that this match will directly correlate to their rankings.

9. I am shocked to hear that this crowd was so silent for the Nexus beatdown of John Cena. I know that we have seen it many times, but it was seriously basically silent in the arena until CM Punk arrived. WWE has an uphill battle in making all of us believe that The Nexus matters again.

10. CM Punk breaking out the Nexus armband was a nice moment. WWE needed to do something with this faction to get them over after allowing Cena to bury them constantly. CM Punk has had his opportunity as a faction leader before and showed that he is capable. The new challenge is to make sure that the individuals in The Nexus get over while under the tutelage of CM Punk.

10A. Does this mean that The Nexus is also Straight Edge?

That’s all for me tonight folks. I’ll be back later in the week with a review of Goldust’s new book and possibly some best of the year type columns.

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