New Marvel Teaser – X-Men: First To Last

After all the Fear Itself teasers before the holidays I don’t think anyone would have been surprised if they laid low on more until the new year. Then again, this is Marvel, so not only do we get teasers, but we get them for something happening in May!

We’re only given the title “X-Men” First to Last”, the date “May 2011” and the image, but I think I can get a little bit more out of it.

Like how the art is screaming to me that this is going to happen in Victor Gischler’s X-Men as one of his next story arcs. Why? Well, despite not finding actual confirmation, I could swear that this teaser is done by artist Paco Medina. Currently the artist of….Victor Gischler’s X-Men.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon!

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