10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! 12.30.2010 – Ken Anderson, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley, AJ Styles, Velvet Sky, Beer Money, MMG

Line of the Night(s) LON:  Mick Foley quoting Miss America in retelling a story of how he and Ken Anderson bonded in the room of an injured soldier. Mick told of how they were supposed to be talking about trading pics with the injured soldier.

Mick Foley-“What Miss America said to us in the room was ‘Why don’t you guys do me first, and then I’ll do both of you together.’ before saying ‘I’m not sure that came out the right way.’

Ken Anderson-“Maybe it did.”

The whole story was funny.

1. Before he gets his hands on Jeff Hardy, RVD must take out all the other Robs in TNA. 2 weeks ago Rob Terry. Now Robbie E. Even in the smallest of appearances it is good to see Cookie get involved. Besides looking great, they allow her to interfere harkening back to old school valet circa Sensational Sherri days. She isn’t supposed to just be eye candy, but a distraction/important part of Robbie E.’s game as a heel competitor. Back to RVD. It’s good to see TNA is following up on his quest to get a hold of Jeff. Jeff gives RVD a mystery opponent for Genesis to test if he is worthy to face him. With Jeff having no match scheduled, could we see the Omega-level return of  Willow The Wisp(masked Jeff Hardy)? Or is Matt Hardy’s 90 day no compete clause over?


Taz- “James Storm on the outside. Good chance he’s bombed….”

Mike Tenay-“Good chance?”

2. Not surprising that a heel could orchestrate such a cheap shot one shot and he’s out attack, but the baton shot to the charging Lethal took the wind out of the sails of the segment. A little awkward but done in the hopes people will pay to see Jay get his hands on Kazarian after his disparaging comments about Jay’s family. A good angry backstage promo would have been a nice follow up later in the show.


Kazarian-“The only Lethal thing about the man is the stink that comes off those <bleeped fucking> ass corn rolls on his head.”

3. The only thing sexier than one Knockout with a strap are two knockouts with a strap. After the match possible Beautiful People dissension as Velvet was screaming “Leave me alone” to Angelina. I thought they were going to brush it off as they cut to a back stage segment, but they did a nice follow up when they came back with extended coverage of it and a follow up with Angelina attacking Sarita for Velvet leading to another Winter save.


Taz- “I’d like his job. (Attaching) the leather strap to Sarita’s wrist.”

4. TNA continues a nice run of very well produced videos. The latest included many comments over music from TNA talent including the recently re-signed Samoa Joe. The video previews 2011 in TNA.


Shark Boy-“Technically I work for TNA, but now the next step is actually being on the TV show.”

5. A nice twist with Amazing Red’s “Little Brother” turns into a potential program with Double J and a future tag team, too in the Reds. Nice job here and provides a launching point for Red and his “brother”, Tommy Mercer, who I read was discovered at one of TNA’s gut check try outs. The segment with Double J in Eric Bischoff’s office afterwards definitely seemed weird and too subdued. An obvious pre-tape, but TNA would have done well to realize that it did look out of place when playing back the show.

6. AJ’s Rolling Chaos Rip-Off to pin Magnus in the tag match was a bit sloppy, but got the point across. Speaking of sloppy, Rob Terry really needs to work a thousand house shows before ever being allowed to wrestle on TV again. The elbow setting up the finish was very weak.

LON: Madison Rayne in reference to Mickie James

Madison-“…some backwoods corn-fed frumpy flannel wearing Whore-Core country slut.”

7. Madison Rayne a little over a year ago was a bit player on the Beautiful People tag team with hardly a win to her name. Now, she is in the enviable slot of TNA Knockouts Champion. I loved the flashy material girl-like entrance and her promo mocking Mickie James. Her banshee screaming promos have become quite entertaining as well. Congrats to Madison for stepping up her game.

8. Should TNA really be teasing the Michael Vick route now with The Pope? I’m still taking the wait and see approach with this storyline. Someone is storyline following him with a camera, so we don’t know if it’s a heel or face yet.

9. Probably the best tag in a wrestling tag match was seen in the main event when Bully Ray chop-tagged Ken Anderson and then hip tossed him in the ring. Way to tag your partner in, Ray. The finish of the match was also a step forward to the ever rising tension between Matt Morgan and Ken Anderson when Matt did the discus punch to the back of Ken’s head. The question is now…did he do it on purpose or was it an accident as it could have been perceived?

10. TNA effectively moved forward several feuds and kicked some up a notch this week. MMG vs. Beer Money, Kazarian vs. Jay Lethal, Madison vs. Mickie, AJ vs. Douglas Williams and Ken Anderson vs. Matt Morgan. Even the New Year’s party led to a brawl between tag teams. And the Team 3D feud was also upped a notch by taking center stage in the main event, too.

Match of the Night:

Chris Sabin (c ) with fellow MMG partner and tag champion Alex Shelley vs. Robert Roode w/ James Storm of Beer Money

The action was fast and exciting ending with the Double R spinebuster. Sabin looked very good as Roode sold many of his signature spots. Roode avenged his pinfall loss to Sabin with a singles win here, furthering the feud between TNA’s top  two tag teams. The announcers also played up the Bischoff mandate of controlling the titles in TNA which has helped Kazarian and Beer Money of Fortune step back into the #1 Contenders slots. Speaking of Eric Bischoff, since the overexposed episode of Impact, TNA has utilized Bischoff a lot better where his presence is known, but he isn’t dominating the program.

That is all.

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