Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-11 Review

Hey everyone! It’s been a while. Welcome to the review of the first episode of the second half of season 7!

Spoiler-free zone:

This episode, as expected, doesn’t match the intensity of the previous riot episode but works pretty well as a follow-up to what we should expect next. All stories seem to range from solid to highly promising, especially the mystery storyline that takes a drastic (and effective) turn.

Spoiler zone:

Lots of stuff happening so let’s begin with my favourite (or rather most promising) storyline introduced in the episode. There was something about this last scene in Lynette’s storyline that gave me the impression that some dark humour is bound to happen. The show is usually great when it does that dark-sneaky type of comedy. Felicity Huffman simply confirmed what we all know about her acting skills and I have to say that while her dramatic skills are great, her comedy is really underrated. I remember back in the first season how conniving and twisted Lynette’s humour used to be, so it’s about time we see that again.

Another one of my favourite storylines was Paul’s. I liked how the suspects changed throughout the episode (from Beth to Felicia to Mike) and it really allows the writers to play with our heads. In the last couple of seasons the mysteries had a few twists but were usually linear, so this year the pacing of the mystery is a breath of fresh air. Plus, Paul knows about Beth’s identity now, so things are really starting to pick up.

Gaby’s story was rather short but it did move along. I do need to point out that Juanita’s birthday was a goof (seeing as last season she had her birthday early in the season) and that was kind of distracting. Maybe, with the all the Grace drama, she just got a late party but that’s just me trying to think of something sensible. I’m not sure how I feel about that storyline mainly because it can go both ways. I can see it dragging but at the same time Gaby’s last scene with the doll did show a twisted side to her. A storyline along those lines (if written well) can provide some great character-driven scenes.

Bree’s segment was cute with an additional bonus of Orson returning. I’ve always said I like Bree and Keith together, but having Orson respond to their dynamic was interesting. Obviously both guys show us a different side of Bree, so it’s fun seeing both of those sides conflict. I’m assuming that Orson will stay a bit more so I hope that Bree’s conflict continues a bit longer.

Last but not least, Susan got her share of drama this week. Similarly to Gaby, I need to see more to evaluate fairly. I did like the scene with the other three housewives by her side (ensemble scenes are always good) and her little “mother’s instinct” moment (when she got out of the hospital bed) was touching. Let’s wait and see!

To sum up, the show is back with a more than solid start which I hope results into an entertaining bunch of episodes that will complete the shows seventh season.