10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars 01.06.2011 — Daniel Bryan, Ted Dibiase, Zack Ryder

1. The team of announcers for Superstars just shows how much the WWE has given up on it. Raw and Smackdown are overflowing with tons of great guys that are just missing a good angle. Turning the show into a decent mid-card event would be great.

2. Not long ago, Tyler Reks was seen as a threat on Smackdown’s Bragging Rights team. What the hell happened between then and now?

3. I loathe when wrestlers go to kick their opponent, and make it painfully obvious that they’re smacking their leg. If you can’t do it discreetly–like Yoshi Tatsu and Alberto del Rio–don’t do it at all.

4. NXT Recap: So Kovak was eliminated…he looks like Heath Slater and Brian Kendrick had a baby, and then abused it.

5. Curt Hawkins is right up there with John Morrison and Evan Bourne now…he sells his injuries almost too well.

6. My over-tired brain probably just can’t remember the last time it worked, but it was nice to see the Masterlock be successful. I really like that there is no way to tap out. You must verbally submit or…wait to pass out.

7. Yoshi Tatsu is much less irritating to me than he used to be. In recent months, he’s seemed much more serious and has been insanely entertaining to watch. I really like the chemistry he has with Ryder too, even if his loud chops make my stomach hurt.

8. Why do they keep using Mark Henry?

9. Ted Dibiase and Daniel Bryan…wow. I rarely watch Raw anymore, and definitely don’t watch NXT, so I have no idea what these two have been up to. But god damn, I will be sure to find out.

10. Random Thought of the Week: Striker’s use of the word “pander” made me wonder…Jericho has got to be due to return soon, right? I miss what he brought to Raw. Whether he was competing against John Cena, or Evan Bourne, he stole the show.

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