Rabblecast #213 Awesome Kong to WWE, John Cena injured

They guys are back with a brand new show to kick off the New Year! That’s right folks, after taking a couple weeks off during the holidays Erik and Myke return to the studio to bring you a bunch of news and rumors. There is so much going on, so we’ll get right to it!

On this show:

  • CM Punk, the new leader of Nexus
  • John Cena injured at a house show in PA
  • A Philly area wrestler accused of robbing a bank
  • Awesome Kong signs with WWE(check the FB fan page for more info)

All this and so much more. We didn’t cover everything we wanted to, but that’s what the Rabblecast fan page is for over on Facebook. Head on over and join by clicking ‘Like’ on the page and stay up to date with show and wrestling news. Thanks for listening.

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