Friday Morning Backlash: 10 Thoughts on the Week in Wrestling (WWE Raw and Smackdown, TNA Genesis, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena, Wade Barrett, and Return to ROH)

1. Incase anyone missed all the podcasts, I usually catch PPVs at the Mango with Widro and several other Pulse personalities. Unfortunately, that means during NFL Playoff Season, at least while the Packers are involved a Sunday at 4pm game means not making the PPV.

2. Honestly, I’m not heart broken about that. Although it will likely piss of commenter Icongnito, I just don’t really think anything on this PPV is really aimed at me. I care about PPVs mostly for angle resolution and great matches. TNA Genesis has one match that looks like it could be great – MCMG vs. Beer Money – but I’ve seen that so much lately that I can more than do without it again. (One caveat that only applies to me: I love AJ Styles, but never have liked Doug Williams from his early ROH days, making me the one ‘net fan in existence not excited for that match). The mystery man also looks to be either Matt Hardy, who I can’t stand, or a disappointment. My favorite TNA performers,Samoa Joe, isn’t even performing and the World Title isn’t being defended. This one is a skip.

3. The big news coming out of Smackdown is that Wade Barrett is now a member of the roster and still a heel after being ousted from Nexus. This is great as Wade is an absolute heat magnet, although feuding with the Big Show isn’t the best career move for anyone but Brock Lesnar.

4. Smackdown now has three guys I can see being real, full-time main event heels. Barrett is a heat machine whom I expect to be challenging Edge by Wrestlemania. Alberto Del Rio lacks Barrett’s size but is just as good at getting heat and on the mic, but is a superior wrestler. He’s being groomed, big time. I can even see him as a top face down the line. Dolph Ziggler, finally, too, is being elevated. He’s getting a ton of heat with Vickie and putting on amazing matches. His elevation, I’d bet, is due to a thumbs up from Cena after their recent mini-program and is absolutely the right move, even if it is for now, only a temporary move.

5. Smackdown does, however, badly need more faces. Big Show and Rey Mysterio are around, but both are shadows of their former selves, and Edge is being pushed as if he were Cena, but is just as broken down as the previous two. Kofi Kingston absolutely needs to be pushed. He can really talk and work. Give him a top heel again and see what he can do.

6. Speaking of guys that we’re about to see reach their potential, John Morrison looks amazing right now. The heat on his feud with Sheamus has made me re-evaluate him as a top face. Moreover, he has shown he’s not just good in technical exhibitions against two top guys, Sheamus and Miz. He still badly needs to improve his promos, but this John Cena injury might be the best thing that could happen to him.

7. That is if Triple H doesn’t come back right away. He’s been gone almost a year and I, for one, don’t miss him a bit. What bothers me about Triple H is he seems to work like he’s the Undertaker, the biggest and baddest guy around, but that only works because of Taker’s established character of killing giant stiffs for a decade. When H does it, he isn’t doing character work; he’s sating his ego. He’s a far more compelling character on the rare occasions when he’s allowed to be vulnerable.

8. CM Punk is the most talented man in the business. It’s a short list historically, at the top of which reside Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels, of guys who could work as many different roles and styles as ably as Punk has shown he can. I sincerely hope he’s to be rewarded with a bigger voice within the company and, more, the financial boon of a main event slot at Wrestlemania.

9. Daniel Bryan was stealing the show pretty regularly on Raw for awhile. Did that piss someone off? I know he’s a more than capable comedy performer, but we really, really don’t need to turn him into a more able Santino. Someone on the roster needs to be able to work and keep that portion of the audience happy. WWE works best as a variety show, and Bryan brings something important to the table in that manner.

10. I’m pissed at Kyle Sparks and Double R. They’ve made ROH on HDNet, since Delirous got the book at least, sound so good that I’m now back to trying to find ways to watch the show and will likely be visiting their live events again for the first time in ages. For those who’ve been reading for a long time, I began here as the ROH guy, doing DVD Reviews and ROH Weekly. Under Gabe, it was my favorite promotion. Well, that quality seems to have returned, and now, I suppose, so will I.

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