Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-12 Review

Hey everyone, as the 12th episode of the seventh season hits, some storylines turn bizarre and others start to heat up! Oh yeah, and lets add a twist in the mix!

Spoiler-free zone:

The episode, while ordinary in terms of pacing, packed a few good twists which were more than enough to make a great and entertaining hour. Some storylines still haven’t blossomed but show great potential and the seasonal mystery has some good surprises in store. Plus, many season 1 characters return!

Spoiler zone:

Susan’s storyline got interesting this week. With both her mom and daughter returning, it was nice to see Susan’s family life as opposed to her individual journey. Her last scene with her mother was quite strong and cleverly written in a way that didn’t over-explain what the characters were going through. This is probably Teri Hatcher’s strongest episode from the season since she got to do both physical comedy (which she’s great at) and some subtle but strong drama. The actress playing her mother (Lesley Ann Warren) also did a terrific acting job.

Gaby’s storyline, while still risky, didn’t show any signs of falling apart. Eva Longoria has had some big drama this year and a storyline this unconventional could be the perfect way to showcase it. Her entire relationship with the doll can go down a pretty complex and creative route. There are so many ways to interpret this story, seeing as it doesn’t seem to follow a typical storyline format. I enjoy seeing Gaby’s stubbornness getting the better of her, because once and a while it’s interesting to see a lead character crumble and get a bit dark.

Lynette’s part was quite fun. Nothing new to say about Felicity Huffman’s acting (she’s great) and as far as the storyline is concerned, it got a perfect closure. The overall theme of not clinging on a past mistake till it drags you to misery was cleverly integrated in this “cheating” storyline. In addition, there were some devious moments from Lynette which, when executed well, are always cool to watch.

Bree’s story was more or less connected with the mystery. Nothing new happened with her character other than seeing her struggling a bit with her religious beliefs. In general, the entire mystery segment this week was what made the second half of the episode. I loved the ensemble scene with all five housewives. The overall dialogue was witty, the initial awkwardness was funny and the “pointing fingers” in the end was the peak of the entire episode. The final reveal of Zach (while hinted a bit) was totally shocking to me and it just proved that this year’s mystery has been one of the best. Now, is it obvious that he planted the gun and shot his own father? Well, you never know. In my opinion, chances are that he did put the gun there, but I’m not so convinced about him doing the shooting (that damn Juanita is a crucial suspect…).

To conclude, this is how I like seeing the show. Even the storylines that didn’t progress still had something interesting or at least entertaining. The mystery, even after twelve episodes, has so many possibilities and everything still seems fresh and exciting.