The Mentalist – Episode 3-11 Review

Why is LaRoche around? He’s intrusive, pokes around where he shouldn’t, but like Hightower and Bosco, doesn’t add anything other than a workplace hassle. In “Bloodsport,” he corners Rigsby after his father’s whereabouts at a certain date in his past in which Rigsby reported he was with his father and Cho. The problem is, Cho wasn’t there, nor did he know what Rigsby reported. Cho eventually covers for Rigsby but is clearly unhappy about lying. Does this present a larger problem, or is LaRoche an insignificant figure?

Van Pelt literally had less than 5 lines in the entire episode, and didn’t contribute to the episode aside from passing information to Lisbon. You’d think that Rigsby and Van Pelt would talk at least once, but that doesn’t happen.

Score: 8.4/10