FLASH #8 Reveals BIG Puzzle Pieces Of Geoff Johns’ 2011 FLASHPOINT Event

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PUZZLE UPDATE #2 (January 11, 2011)

From Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins’ Flash #8 we learn more about FLASHPOINT.

In the early part of the book we learn that the Reverse-Flash (a.k.a. Eobard Thawne as well as Professor Zoom) is hell bent on changing his past (since he is from the 25th Century) and Barry Allen’s future (who is now from the 21rst not 20th Century). We also learn that the Time Fissures and Paradoxes lead to what people in Zoom’s future term as an “Enigmatic Temporal Disruption of the early 21rst Century”. That is a pretty clear reference to FLASHPOINT whose events we learn will lead to view that “time is precious” in the 25th Century.

The question remains about whether the New Time we learned about in Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5 is a cause of this disruption or, perhaps, a reference to the point after FLASHPOINT ends and new time or a new timeline into tomorrow emerges. It is always difficult to determine what “today” really is in time travel tales of this nature.

We also learn that in addition to erasing parts of his past in Flash #8 that he doesn’t like, Professor Zoom directly adds to the timeline by directly leading to his own assumption of the powers of the Flash / Barry Allen.

[Click on the below Flash #8 images to view the Flashpoint teasers in full. MORE goodies / reveals after the pics too. ]

Flash #8 also revealed that Eobard Thawne, in the current post-Infinite Crisis DC Universe, becomes the Flash of the 25th Century. His future self left his younger self Barry’s Flash garb so a young Eobard could tap into the Speed Force and become the hero he worshipped. With this reveal, and how Flash #8 ends, it is a safe bet that young Eobard Thawne AS the 25th Century Flash will be in FLASHPOINT and, moreso, could be the Flash in the FLASHPOINT teaser that is battling Batman in the first teaser image DC released way back at the end of Flash #1 (Update #1 from December is appended to this story which includes that teaser pic). In addition, Barry Allen having the Reverse-Flash costume come out of his ring in that same teaser also strengths this likelihood and teases a confrontation between “Reverse-Flash” Barry Allen and a younger “Flash” Eobard Thawne (with the grizzled Eobard Thawne pulling all the strings and perhaps wanting to switch his life for Barry’s).

[Click on the below Flash #8 images to view the Flashpoint teasers in full. AND even more reveals after these images. ]

Finally, Flash #8 ends with a primer on the “Negative Speed Force” (NSF) and teases of it being very different from the (Positive?) Speed Force that feuls Barry and all the speedster’s powers. Apparently, in FLASHPOINT or in the Flash issues leading up to it, we’ll learn about what other powers this NSF gives Professor Zoom.

You’ll also note that this “Flash Fact” segment refers to the Reverse Flash as the “fastest Time Terrorist alive”. With the further reveal that Barry breaking Eobard’s neck way back in the 1980s was a formative moment in both their lives (and a potential candidate for the “Flashpoint” that leads to DC’s time troubles in 2011) readers may want to snap up 1983’s Flash #323, 324, and 325 before the prices go way up in the secondary market.

[Click on the below Flash #8 images to view the Flashpoint teasers in full. Plus, afterwards, some final thoughts.]

In response to my first update, that is appended below, readers have suggested a few things that you should consider:

(1) That FLASHPOINT could more organically lead to the reintroduction of XS to Legion of Super-Heroes since she’s been off the table for a while. She’s a speedster from the future, apparently the Granddaughter of Barry Allen (and cousin of Bart Allen / Kid Flash) so, that would make sense. Will Professor Zoom’s machinations led to drastic changes for Kids Flash and XS? It certainly would appear that mucking with Barry’s future would involve these two (although I’d have to reread Infinite Crisis and Legion of Three Worlds to figure out how they both “fit” in the current DC continuity….).

(2) The original FLASPOINT teaser (found in the below appended story) had guards posted presumably in front of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. I asked folks what that could mean, and many eagle eyed readers noted that Superman has a Legion of Super-Heroes Time Bubble stored there. That makes sense and could be an interesting plot device for FLASHPOINT.

Any further teases in your regular DC reads? The Road to Flashpoint has begun! Also mark your calendars because January 26, 2011 is a key date for FLASHPOINT fans.

Below you’ll find our first FLASHPOINT puzzle update from late December 2010 featuring tidbits from Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5 and Flash #6.

PUZZLE UPDATE #1 (December 28, 2010) from here.

In Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5 we get a few more clues. The most significant of which is the last of these 3 images where Supernova talks about “New Time” being made. What is New Time?

DC has (clearly?) jettisoned the concept of Hypertime, but it does feel like DC is focusing on “fixing” its timestream now that its multiverse has been reestablished, doesn’t it? That would make the current DC Legacies maxi-series a more interesting read if that is how DC’s current time is supposed to unfold, but will it work out that way after Flashpoint?

Looks like Black Beetle, Booster Gold, Rip Hunter and (a new or old?) Waverider will likely play a part in Flashpoint. And the question still remains… who is the Black Beetle?

[Click on the below Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5 images to view the Flashpoint teasers in full.]

These reveals follow recent teasers in Flash #6 where “paradoxes”, linked to a “time fissure”, makes it impossible for those in the future to “get” what’s going on in the modern day DCU.

And, as you can see in the second image from this issue, there is a singular event called “Flashpoint” that may have caused the time fissure that led to the paradoxes. So, what is that event or moment that is the, um, “Flashpoint” for DC’s time stream problems? Looks like we’ll find out in 2011.

So, naturally, Flash (and this new mysterious motorcycling “Hot Pursuit” person), Wonder Woman, Batman and some of the Brightest Day cast will be part of Flashpoint.

And, just who is that hooded Judge from the future? Is the colour of the cloak deliberately similar to the Time Trapper’s? (Probably, to throw us off the scent.)

Also, who is the person that Cyborg is talking to in the first image on the viewscreen? (Seems like the Teen Titans may also play a part in all this. A Titans Tomorrow connection, maybe?)

[Click on the below Flash #6 images to view the Flashpoint teasers in full.]

And, all these follow the more direct Flashpoint teaser that was in the back of the recent relaunched Flash #1. The Superman image still seems the most perplexing for me. It is a given that the Speedsters (good and bad) will be present in the Flashpoint event.

[Do the clicky thing on the below image from Flash #1.]

This event would seem to lend itself to an appearance by the Legion of Super-Heroes as well, but we’ll have to wait and see. And, could the Wildstorm properties come into play?

So, what do you make of all this? Any other teasers in your regular DC reads?

With Time Masters wrapping up in January 2011 and with the flashback Rogue profile (filler?) issues of Flash over with Hot Pursuit’s official full-length debut in the same month in the Flash title, we may know more within the next 30 days.

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