Archie Comics Announces Giant Leap In Same Day Digital Releases

It was announced today that as of April 1st, every title published by Archie Comics will be released in stores and digital at the same time, with the digital issues having a lowered price point. Marvel and DC have been experimenting with titles, such as DC’s Justice League: Generation Lost, but neither seems to have even considered taking all of their books online to go with print.

“We want to be the leader in embracing the new digital format of comic books. We want to jump ahead of Marvel and DC,” said Archie CEO Jon Goldwater. “We’re going to lead the way with new technology going forward, to make our products as accessible and available as we possibly can.”

Archie Comics may just be the barometer that the industry needs to see how much business is done with same-day digital releases, as with a few exceptions it’s been mainly reprint material for sale on the various digital comic downloaders.

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Source: Newsarama