WWE’s Triple H talks how he got Motorhead’s “The Game”

From a Daily Star Interview:

“Eight years ago I was at a period of time with my career where I was moving up and had become a major star within the industry and I wanted to have new music that was more fitting to what I was doing.

“I wanted to have a certain vibe when I walked out.

“I wasn’t the pristine pretty boy. I wasn’t the nice guy any more.

“I was rough and tumble. My face is all scarred up. When I’m out there I’m kicking ass and hitting them with a sledge- hammer and busting them open. That is my image. I felt like the sound of Motörhead helped to convey that.

“The song The Game was written by our music guy. Lem put his twist on it.

“The difference between how our studio did it and how Lem had did – it was a totally different song.

“The first time I heard it I was like: “F*** yeah, that’s me right there.’”


Source: The Daily Star