FX President John Langraf Talks Television Adaption Of Brian Bendis’s Powers!

It seems like the television adaption of Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming’s Powers has been in limbo for as long as I’ve known the book existed, but it looks like now may be the time when the project finally gets off the ground. IGN managed to score a few statements from John Langraf, the president of FX (the network that will most likely be making the adaption), and the news he delivers seems pretty promising.

“I’m really excited about what’s going on with Powers now. It’s funny, it’s taken a long time. It’s really hard I think to adapt a graphic novel into a successful television show. I realize they did it with Walking Dead, at least in the first six episodes they had on the air, but there have been very few wholly successful adaptations. Powers is a really different kind of show than Walking Dead. It’s nothing like it.”

And then when asked about the delays the series has seen in production, Langraf had this to say; “We’re now on our third writer. It’s Chic Eglee who worked on The Shield and worked on Dexter and most recently worked on Walking Dead. And I’m really, really excited about it. I mean, it’s gotten better all along, but I think we’ve had some real creative breakthroughs and I think Chic’s doing some really exciting work.”

With the success of The Walking Dead, one would have to imagine that networks are viewing television shows based on comics in a much different light than before, there’s an audience and the shows are very doable. I mean, this fall we may very well have an adaption of Bendis’s Alias on ABC, so if Powers finally kicks off on FX?

Well, the future is now, let’s see it happen. If Walking Dead, Powers, and Alias can all work on the small screen, then it gives hope for my beloved Y: The Last Man.

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Source: IGN