TNA’s Jeff Jarrett says Company Profitable for Years, and Monday Night Wars with WWE 2010

From the Baltimore Sun, which you can read here:

The Shortlived Monday Night War in 2010: “We learned, just like the wrestling fans learned, that the world has changed. Back in the “Monday Night Wars,” that was before our good little friend called the DVR was around, and you had to flip back and forth. Nowadays, the viewing habits are just entirely different and we found that out. The landscape has changed, so we’ve planted our feet in our ground and we’re making it grow, and that’s our strategy right now. Had we not tried it, though, we would have never found out.”

TNA’s Profitability: “Absolutely. We turned that corner four or five years ago. Like WWE or any other business, would we like to be making more money? Sure, but the reality is that the U.S. economy is still in a recession, and internationally we have different economies to deal with, but all in all, we’re pleased.”

Aspects of the company Jarrett is happiest with: “[Toy manufacturer and licensee] Jakks Pacific comes to mind, and international television. That’s probably the first two off the top, and then the [merchandise], and Don West is a huge part of that. He is so in tune and in touch with the TNA fan — what they like, what they don’t like. He’s an absolutely great salesman, great marketer — that’s his background going back to the Shop at Home Network days. There’s also the live events. We’re not a huge touring company — we do between 80 and 100 shows a year, but we’ll call it a lean, mean machine when we take it on the road, and they’re very entertaining and they’re profitable.”

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