10 Thoughts on ROH on HDNet 01.17.2010 feat. The Briscoe Brothers, Haas & Benjamin, and Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Hero

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1. I liked the decision to start the show with a video of the All-Night Express being announced as the #1 contenders for the tag titles. Taking the time to show it again makes the title shot seem like a big deal and, accordingly, makes the ANX seem like a big deal. Plus, it must be said again, the confrontation with the Kings of Wrestling came off really well.

2. If The Elite is one of the best tag teams in OVW (I don’t know if they are; I’m just going off what Hogewood and Prazak said), I’m glad I don’t follow the promotion. They were clearly not on the Briscoes’ level, and the result was a mundane, formulaic match.

3. I’m glad they took the time to show some of the past history between Jim Cornette and Homicide, especially since they alluded to it upon Homicide’s return, but I wish they hadn’t waited so long, as people that did not watch ROH prior to the HDNet Era may have been a tad confused. Regardless, it’ll be nice to see their in-ring confrontation. Hopefully, Cornette will address why he re-hired someone he at one time had so much heat with.

4. Haze and MsChif had the best Women of Honor match since I started this 10 Thoughts column – even better than the Haze-del Rey time-limit draw. They cut a really nice pace, and the chain wrestling and reversals were very well done. I really hope ROH plans to work MsChif into their remaining tapings.

5. At one point, I wanted to see Haas and Benjamin end up in TNA. I thought they had a ready-made storyline where Kurt Angle, tired of young punks like Styles, Wolfe, and Anderson trying to make a name at his expense, brings in some back-up. Watching them face off against the Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money would have certainly been nice.

6. Some of the stuff the Briscoes and Haas & Benjamin said was a little hokey (Shelton telling them to “pull your pants up”, and Mark suggesting that they “pack a lunch” – he sure does suggest that a lot), but the segment came off really well, and it was a simple and effective way to set up the #1 contenders’ match for the iPPV and to put over the importance of the tag titles.

7. Speaking of titles, I wonder what are ROH’s plans for the Television Title if the show does not get picked up by another network. I think the company needs a secondary title, but the idea behind a TV Title is that it’s going to be defended, well, on television (mostly, at least). Will they keep the belt, but re-name it?

8. Chris Hero reminds me of Edge not only in his look and some of his mannerisms, but also the way he tends to really slow things down to start his matches. I definitely think it’s by design – a way to get a crowd that may be into him to turn against him. That’s a guy knowing how to work a match.

9. Hero and Christopher Daniels put on a really nice, hard-hitting main event tonight, with some great near-falls leading up to the finish. I’m still hoping, however, Daniels gets some mic time to explain his pursuit of the TV Title. I know Prazak said Daniels wanted to hold an ROH singles title, but I’m pretty sure Daniels said he wanted the World Title.

10. Strong show tonight. The only thing I didn’t really like was the opener. Everything else was quite good, several angles were furthered (the state of the tag division, TV Title #1 contendership, return of MsChif, imminent return of Davey Richards), and next week’s show was nicely built up. Thumbs up from me.