Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-13 Review

Hey there! We’re back for the 13th episode of the seventh season. Hope you had a great week!

Spoiler free zone:

Even though we are in mid-season, the pacing of the episodes doesn’t get slower. Some storylines peaked while others just got a little boost. Even the storylines that paused had interesting character-development, so all in all it was an hour worth spent!

Spoiler zone:

Despite being the only storyline that didn’t progress, Lynette was probably the segment I found the most engaging. The fourth season of the show had such a bonus with Lynette’s mom and I loved seeing that dynamic again. The humour was solid and the acting felt genuine. It seems that as a whole, Lynette’s story this year hasn’t escalated into something big. However, I feel like it does benefit the show because if the story is good, then it allows us to breathe from the other “heavier” stories. Polly Bergen (Lynette’s mom) delivered her signature dry humour but also went into some subtle drama towards the end.

Gaby’s story got interesting this week as well. Eva Longoria played an amazing “obsessive Gaby”, and her final scene got quite intense. Speaking of which, I wish they did something less convenient than a random guy who came out of nowhere (but I guess you’re going to have those on a weekly serialised show). I kind of wished the storyline dug a bit deeper but as I’ve mentioned previously, it was a risky story to begin with, so I’m surprised with how well I responded to it.

Susan’s part got sad (not sappy but still pretty tragic). The actor playing opposite her did a great job, especially seeing as he played an unlikable guy who we cared for at the same time. While not major plot devices occurred, the characters unfolded nicely. From the guy explaining his anger, to Susan implying she was scared. After the disaster episode, things hinted that Susan was going to get some heavy drama, but this storyline is much more toned down than I thought. I’m liking it so far!

Bree’s story shook things up a bit with the introduction of Keith’s woopsie child. While I wasn’t thrilled with the middle part of the story, I did love Bree trying to wake him up in the beginning. I also enjoyed Bree’s devious move in the end which I hope the writers decide to shed more light on. I mean, obviously she wants Keith for herself but I want to see the way she will explain herself.

That’s all four housewives done… now let’s go to the newbie. Vanessa Williams provided something more than her usual comic relief (although she did make a kid fall off a scooter). I’m glad that her character is blending in with the lane, as well as becoming slowly more multi—dimensional. Plus, the gay neighbours are always fun to watch (and now they have something going for them) so I can’t complain!

Beth (like Paul said) was dodging a bullet throughout the whole episode. I was afraid the writers were going to pull a “Martha Huber” and kill her, but thank god Paul put the pieces together. I think this episode (as far as the mystery storyline is concerned) is simply building up tension but thankfully it didn’t seem to drag. Paul’s little crying scene was great and removed the “typical bad guy” label that he might have gotten from previous episodes.

All in all, a more than consistent episode that managed to not go to extreme places, but still have my full attention.