Fright Rags Reveals Stephen King Inspired T-Shirt Line

Shock Till You Drop has posted a sneak peek at Fright Rag‘s upcoming line of Stephen King inspired t-shirts. Titled “The King Collection,” these T-shirts will go on sale January 19 and feature the classic book art that accompanied Stephen King’s novels in the ’80s.

All shirts feature art from Don Brautigam and the following books are represented: Pet Sematary, Skeleton Crew, The Dark Half and Night Shift. I can dig the shirt’s look but is there anybody who was really clamoring for a shirt based on The Dark Half?

If you’re a Stephen King junkie and these shirts make you moist, make sure and check out the book Knowing Darkness: Artists Inspired by Stephen King. This massive hardcover features nearly every piece of illustration that has ever accompanied a Stephen King project. I picked this up in 2009 and I’m still working my way through it.

Click the link below to see more T-shirt designs from Fright Rags and Don Brautigam.


Source: Shock Till You Drop