Southland – Episode 3-3 Review

Three episodes into the new season and things are really heating up. As always, “Discretion” juggles three separate plots and the characters’ lives get a bit more complicated.

There was no Tammi this week, but she changes the lock so Sammy can’t get in his ownand she refuses to take a paternity test until the baby is born. It’s not the least bit surprising, but it lets us hate Tammi that much more. Unfortunately for Sammy, when he tries to recover his possession from his house, he and Nate are briefly detained by cops and embarrassed.

So far, Josie hasn’t contributed much, but she acts like a meter for Lydia, constantly poking her to see what’s up. Josie surmises that Lydia is always taking care of Russell (basically telling him what to do), much like a mother would, and when Russell asks for a loan, bailing him out this time would further contribute to their weird relationship. Lydia doesn’t give him money in the end, which means that Josie was telling some of the truth, or at least Lydia believes it is.

The final scene, while emotionally resonant, is very ambiguous. Is Ben’s mother saying that she offered to have sex to pay off debts, then cried rape once Ben came? Or did David Morgan ask her first? Does it matter in the grand scheme? In any case we know there was sex, violence, and some form of criminality, however it ultimately went down.

Score: 9.1/10