WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 1/22/11 with Miz, Wade Barrett, Edge, Rey Mysterio and… Jim Ross?

Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Ezekiel, and Justin Gabriel come out to open the show, referring to themselves as “The Core.” Teddy Long says he doesn’t hide behind a computer and will kick Wade off Smackdown if he acts as he did last week.

A good start, the Core is a cool name for the Nexus originals and Zeke.

Alberto Del Rio defeats R-Truth and Teddy Long is being taken to the hospital.

Del Rio continues to look strong, while The Core immediately are up to their old tricks.

Beth Phoenix defeated Layla.

This feud refuses to end.

The Core tell Vickie Guerrero that they didn’t take out Teddy Long. Vickie doesn’t care and tries to hire them to take out Edge so that Dolph Ziggler can win the title.

I don’t like Nexus working for Vickie at all, as they work best as independent outlaws. Also, too many angles intersecting leads to TNA where everyone is feuding with everyone.

Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes.

Because sometimes we just get good matches for no reason.

Miz and Alex Riley turn up to brag about “what they did to Randy Orton.”

Sheez, I actually had to check For Your Consideration to figure out what Miz did to Orton. A generic beatdown. Oh. You. Rebel.

Jim Ross interviews Jack Swagger since they’re in Oklahoma. Swagger says he moved to Texas.

This might not air on the show, but is a cool moment nonetheless.

Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston in an arm wrestling match.

I told you, random commenter I can’t recall, that this feud wasn’t done.

Drew McIntyre defeats Trent Barretta. He then beats Barretta down after fake offering his hand. Kelly Kelly is pissed and leaves with Trent.

Trent comes out ahead again!

Miz comes out to rip the fans and Randy Orton some more, only to be speared by Edge.

This sets up Raw next Monday where these two face off.

Vickie makes Edge vs. Justin Gabriel and Gabriel wins thanks to Ezekiel interference. Edge is then beat down until Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio make the save.

I guess Big Show was busy.

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