Royal Pains – Episode 2-13 Review

Royal Pains has dropped off my radar of shows I care about. I’ve watched every episode, but I find myself not caring what happens. The medical procedural elements are virtually the same every week, with a medical emergency at a location where Hank is, and he’s able to jury rig a medical contraption. Lots of patients have weird quirks which Hank and Divya have to contend with, but it always works out fine. And the biggest problem, one that puts Royal Pains a step below Burn Notice and the like, is that the cast simply isn’t as good.

As the title suggests, “Mulligan” is one big mulligan, resetting the show to neutral after the revelations are the end of the midseason finale, so Eddie try to become a good person. Hopefully this leads to a change in dynamics between everyone, and if it doesn’t, then it’s further indication that the writers aren’t willing to take chances.

Also in the episode is a potential romance between Jill and a golfer. However, Jill, while medicated, expresses how much she misses Hank, so that’ll cause problems later on. Jill and Hank have circled each other so much since they broke up that I don’t care anymore.

Score: 8.3/10