Inside Pulse Wrestling WWE Monday Night RAW Report – 01.31.2011: Jerry Lawler’s Road To WrestleMania Begins

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Welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW!

There’s a blizzard making its way towards my neck of the woods, so all of you catching tonight’s recap make sure you take care of yourself and each other throughout this week. Snowmageddon is what this is being called…so be safe out there. But why leave now? IT’S TIME TO GET RAW!

We get the RAW intro and Alberto del Rio opening up tonight’s show in an old-fashioned Mexican celebration. Needs more Brock Lesnar. He tells us that we don’t listen. It was his destiny to win the Royal Rumble and he did just that. He disses Justin Bieber and brags about his Mexican band. He states the fact that he gets to choose his champion for WrestleMania XXVII. He’s going to go for the…..

Cue the WWE Champion, the Miz and his Miz-Itch with his alcohol monitoring device. The Miz congratulates Alberto del Rio for winning the Royal Rumble. He hopes that he chooses the Miz to face off at WrestleMania XXVII. He then talks smack about Edge and supposedly speaks for Edge. Miz-Itch calls Alberto del Rio a 2nd rate JBL meets Tito Santana, as what Edge supposedly said. Alberto sees through the Miz and he slips on his speech. Here comes the World Champion, Edge. Here is NAFTA at work, folks. Edge confirms that he said such a thing, but he says that he wouldn’t say it behind his back; but to his face. He then mocks Alberto a bit. Alberto vows that he will be the new….WORLD CHAMPION! Edge gets in a cheap shot and the ring clears. Alberto gets a guitar…EL KABONG to Edge! Cross-arm breaker makes the challenge official.

Up next, the WWE Tag Team Championships are on the line!


We recap what just occurred earlier and the RAW GMail chimes in. We’re going to have a RAW Rumble match where seven superstars will have a shot at the WWE Champion at the Elimination Chamber. Randy Orton, CM Punk, John Morrison, R-Truth, Sheamus, Jerry Lawler, and John Cena. The winner faces the Miz for the WWE Championship and the remaining six will face off in the Elimination Chamber to determine who faces the WWE Champion at WrestleMania XXVII. Oh come on, I can’t see Miz eat some steel inside the Chamber? Boo.

WWE Tag Team Championships: Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov v. Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty

Santino and McGillicutty start things off. McGillicutty takes it to him to start, but Koslov gets the tag and he uses his head in the most appropriate way. McGillicutty gets a break and in comes Harris. Koslov gets Harris up and over and here comes Santino. Cross body attempt is blocked by Harris and Santino is in dire straits. McGillicutty is in and the double team is on. Neckbreaker to Santino, followed by a cover and a two count. Santino gets dispatched out of the ring and we take a break.


We’re back and Santino is in trouble. Santino tries to muscle his way through, but McGillicutty cuts him off. Tags all around anyway and here comes Koslov. Batterimg ram connects and Koslov gets a two count. Santino tags in and he takes out McGillicutty. He readies the Cobra and it connects on Harris! The champs retain.

Winners: Vladimir Koslov & Santino Marella
Grade: D

Randy Orton comes down and he has RKO’s for McGillicutty and Harris. Harris is left in the ring and Orton is about to become Dr. Randall K. Orton C.E. He gets ready for the punt, but CM Punk, Mason Ryan, and David Otunga come out with a stern warning to not do this. Orton is ignoring Punk at first. Punk tells Orton to take his advice and if he kicks Harris in the skull there will be consequences. Orton thinks about it before giving Punk a deathly stare. He wickedly smiles and he kicks Harris in the head anyway, He hops the barricade and is up in the second level.


We once again recap what happened with the New Nexus and Randy Orton. Here comes Ted DiBiase and Maryse to state that Jerry Lawler’s career is over and his is starting. He wants Jerry Lawler to give him his RAW Rumble spot. Michael Cole takes the microphone from Jerry and he calls Ted disrespectful, yet calls Jerry Lawler a scene-stealer. Jerry Lawler takes the microphone and he states that he will not give his spot up and that his road to WrestleMania starts tonight. He;s going to be in the RAW Rumble tonight and he’s going to win it. Lawler gets pie-faced and it pisses him off. He chases DiBiase and he puts Maryse in front of him. She slaps DiBiase and Lawler follows with a punch. Afterwards, Michael Cole berates him some more.


We get a promo for 02.21.2011.

The Bella Twins are out for commentary.

Daniel Bryan (w/Gail Kim) v. Tyson Kidd

Kidd takes it to Bryan from the get go. Kidd runs the ropes and Bryan takes back control with the kicks. Bryan locks on the LaBell Lock and there you go.

Winner: Daniel Bryan
Grade: FTS (I like Daniel Bryan, but was there any point to a one minute squash match?)

The Bella Twins are disgusted and they enter the ring. CATFIGHT! Daniel Bryan tries to settle things, but he is unsuccessful. The referees finally break it up.

Champion v. Champion…NEXT!


Champion v. Champion: The Miz v. Edge

Bell rings and we get a lockup. Another lockup and the Miz targets the injured arm of Edge. Edge beats Miz to the punch and covers for one. Edge takes it to the Miz in the corner before we go to the ropes. Miz-Itch pulls the Miz out of the ring and the Miz uses this opportunity to go after the arm. The action goes back inside the ring and we get a two count. Miz contorts the arm some more. The Miz counters some rights and he snaps the arm of Edge. Alex Riley gets involved and the Miz takes advantage. Michael Cole continues to give verbal fellatio to the Miz as he connects with the Edge in the jaw. The submission hold takes a toll on Edge and he reaches the ropes. Edge slides under Miz and we get a cover for two. Miz plants the arm in a DDT for two. Off the ropes…both men get their legs up and they knock each other out. Don’t know why the referee is counting because of the stipulation. Edge with a flapjack! Edgucution connects on he Miz and that gets two. Pillar to post we go and Edge gets a sunset flip for two. Miz kicks Edge into tommorrow and scores two as well. Miz off the top and a proper Edgucution connects! Edge sets up for the spear…Miz side steps Edge into the corner. John Cena distracts the Miz with the microphone and Edge capitalizes with a spear!

Winner: Edge
Grade: B-

Michael Cole gets up and he orders Alex Riley to do something about it.


EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero has a surprise for Edge and on SmackDown, the World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in a way that it has never been defended before. Sounds like fun.

Eve Torres & Natalya v. Lay-Cool

Nayalya and Michelle start things off. Pin attempts o’plenty to start, but this time Natalya gets the upperhand. Tag to Layla who is scared. So Natalya takes the opportunity to pick Layla up. She gets out of the grasp and jumps in Michelle’s arms. Awww… Tag to Eve Torres and she connects with a kick to the face. More kicks ensue and Eve connects with the senton for two. Layla gets a bit of offense, but she gets caught on the top rope. Michelle comes at Eve with a big boot. Layla with what is called the Facelift…deadly move and shocking she can do it without a problem.

Winners: Lay-Cool
Grade: F


Here comes the Great Khali and Mark Henry. That’s a mountain of mass right there.

Mark Henry & The Great Khali v. The Usos

Josh Matthews hopes that someone punches Michael Cole in the mouth. Before the match begins the RAW GMail chimes off and he says that the Usos have no chance. Way to bury your talent. So, instead of a match…we get a dance off. Oh F..T..S.

We don’t get a winner as the Usos attack the monsters and they get firmly planted.


We get a trailer for The Chaperone, starring Triple H.

The RAW Rumble Match
Starting Participants: John Morrison & Sheamus

The match…is NEXT!


So the “huge announcement” for SmackDown is that Edge and Kelly Kelly have to team up against the team of Dolph Ziggler & LayCool in a three-on-two handicap match and if either Edge or Kelly Kelly gets pinned, Edge loses the World Heavyweight Championship to Dolph Ziggler. Wow.

Morrison and Sheamus tear the ring up in the opening seconds of the RAW Rumble. Morrison gets posted in the corner, but the tide gets turned. Irish Curse backbreaker connects and the roof blows off as John Cena is #3. Cena and Sheamus go at it and he hits his moves of doom. Morrison counters the A.A. and connects with the Flash Kick! Morrison attempts to eliminate Sheamus, but Cena stops that. #4 comes out and it is CM Punk. Punk goes after Cena before taking his shots at everyone else. Cena goes for the ropes and he eats Punk’s boots. Punk goes to eliminate Morrison while Sheamus tries to eliminate Cena. Neither is a go. #5 is R-Truth and he takes Cena’s head off. Truth makes quick work of Cena and he tosses Morrison over. Morrison saves himself and Morrison almost eliminates Truth, who saves himself as well. Cena picks Punk up and is quickly countered with a DDT. #6 is Jerry Lawler and he has a right hand for everyone. He attempts to take Punk out, but Sheamus stops that. Sheamus tries the elimination himself, but Lawler is hanging on. Randy Orton is about to come out now. Punk slides underneath the rope and hides from Orton. Punk can’t hide as Orton unloads on Punk. Back in the ring and Orton has equal opportunity for everyone. Orton eliminates Punk and is promptly eliminated by R-Truth. Break time.


No eliminations during the break. Truth is in danger as is Cena. Cena takes Sheamus down with the moves of doom. Cena picks up Truth and Morrison and Truth goes out. Morrison hangs on and Cena looks hurt. Morrison tries to eliminate Cena and both are on the apron. Sheamus goes over the top and there’s three men on the apron! Sheamus gets back in the ring. Morrison tries to suplex Sheamus out of the ring. Morrison falls out of the ring, but his feet hangs on the ropes. Sheamus launches a missile back in the ring and Cena has the STF locked in. Morrison leaps and he BARELY catches Cena with Starship Pain. Lawler knocks Morrison out, but he lands HAND first and is back inside the ring. Morrison gets in Sheamus’ clutches and he is dumped againm but he hangs on. Sheamus hits the Brogue kick for the elimination. Lawler hits Cena with a dropkick and he tries to eliminate him, but to no avail. Cena is teetering…Sheamus pushes Lawler into Cena, who is eliminated! Lawler is shocked and Sheamus is ready for the kick, but CENA WITH THE ASSIST! Sheamus is out!

Winner and #1 Contender: Jerry Lawler (yes, he did win)
Grade: B+

So, the RAW Elimination Chamber Match pits R-Truth, Randy Orton, John Cena, Sheamus, CM Punk, and John Morrison.

Show over.

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