10 Thoughts on News from Last Week: Geoff Johns Flashpoint, Marvel’s $2.99 Pricepoint, and the New Venom Revealed

1. The big Flashpoint news breaks down to one thing for me: More Peter Milligan. I’m not a fan of Barry Allen as the Flash, nor do I enjoy Geoff Johns current run on that book, so Milligan taking Atrocitus and the Red Lantern book as well as a Suicide Squad mini with George Perez is a huge deal to me and both are books I love. And yes, there are too many spinoffs to this. Fear Itself and Flashpoint are sure to lead to me dropping books.

2. The Expendables and Kick Ass are both now $10. That sounds like great news, but really, the Expendables, despite the big names and cool moments, is a lesser movie than similar action moves The Losers and, especially, A-Team. Kick Ass, meanwhile, is far better than the overly dark comic. It’s far from deep, but at least it has a sense of fun with it’s winking ain’t-I-cool attitude.

3. Marvel has spoiled the New Venom’s Identity. While it’s interesting to see the symbiote on someone who idolizes Spidey for a change, they really had me at Remender.

4. Green Lantern Move Heroclix show a few new Movie Characters. As for me, I just want the figures. A new Killowog is long overdue and we finally get Salaak!

5. Marvel is going to follow DC in pricing, going down to $2.99 per book, but experimenting in different page counts. If they end up at 20 pages, they will try 13 issues per year. $3.99 is too much for a piece of a serialized story, so I’m all for the experimentation.

6. Bob Harras is Editor-in-Chief of DC, so Scott Lobdell may be allowed back in the mainstream. I’m a huge Lobdell fan and totally unsure why he was booted from the mainstream. I strongly urge DC to give him Teen Titans!

7. Wizard is gone and my love for ComicsNexus Creator and former Wizard Employee Ben Morse prevents me from saying vehemently just how little that bothers me.

8. War of Green Lanterns is to lead to less earthbound Green Lanterns. That’s awesome news… except that besides Hal, none of the Earth Lanterns have been on Earth since Blackest Night. Way to announce you’re changing nothing, DC.

9. Dr. Who has Legos. Yeah, I don’t care either, but this is a good excuse to ask: where and how to
I begin to get into the Dr. Who mythos?

10. Marvel is teasing the The End of the Fantastic Four, but undermining themselves in premeditating that the dead member will be back for issue #600. Still, Hickman’s story is phenomenal and you must read it. Check out my review under #10 here

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