Dan Didio: Reign Of DOOMSDAY Capped Off In Action Comics Versus Superman! More Deaths Coming?

Looks like Dan Didio let the cat out of the bag. The final issue of Reign of Doomsday will be in the milestone Action Comics #900.

Here is what Dan had to say at CBR:

CBR News: Dan, the “Reign of Doomsday” story has found a way to thread itself through a few different DC titles including your own ongoing “Outsiders.” How did this event get hatched, and why did you want to play a part in it as a writer?

Dan Didio: It was a couple of things. We were sitting around and talking about some fun things to be doing with Superman right now. We knew we wanted to build up to a fight with Doomsday in “Action Comics” #900, but we had stories running in both “Superman” and “Action.” As we started to think on this, we thought it’d be fun to do “Reign of Doomsday” as a play off of “Reign of The Supermen.” We looked at where those characters were, and since Eradicator was in “Outsiders” at this moment, it seemed to fit perfectly.

This was not announced earlier as far as I can tell. This probably leads into the “epic” storyline that is the Action Comics #900 solicitation (that currently has no Doomsday reference).

The solicit is below:

Written by PAUL CORNELL, RICHARD DONNER, DAVID GOYER, DAMON LINDELOF and more; Art by PETE WOODS, JESUS MERINO and more; Cover by DAVID FINCH; 1:5 Variant cover A by ADAM HUGHES; 1:5 Variant cover B by ALEX ROSS

Superman returns to ACTION COMICS just in time for the title’s historic 900th issue, which clocks in at 100 pages! Everything Paul Cornell and Pete Woods have been building to over the last year culminates here in the ultimate Superman vs. Lex Luthor battle! But that’s not all – this story will lay the grounds for an insanely epic story coming out this summer in the pages of ACTION!

Plus, an incredible roster of guest talent help us celebrate this landmark issue, including the screenwriter of The Dark Knight, David Goyer; famed Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner; the co-creator of Lost, Damon Lindelof; and the creative team behind the hit DC UNIVERSE ONLINE game!

In the interview at CBR, Dan Didio goes further to indicate that Doomsday will be cutting through a few DC titles and leaving Steel, the Eradicator, Superboy, Supergirl, and Hank Henshaw / Cyborg Superman in his wake. Do some die?

What was heard:

(CBR:) Even though we’re still not sure on the fate of Steel, I have to ask what the odds are that Eradicator will survive this issue. Is there a chance he won’t be showing up in part three of “Reign of Doomsday”?

(Dan Didio:) Part three, definitely not. Part six is the real question. Doomsday is definitely tearing a path through the four guys that took Superman’s place in “Reign of the Supermen,” and basically they’re all not left standing by the end. Let’s leave it there.

Looks like Doomsday’s “Reign” will start in Action Comics #900.

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