The O’Really Report- WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Thoughts and Where They Go From Here (Santino, Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, Nexus)

Greetings readers to another edition to The O’Really Report and instead of boring you with sheer nothingness I’m just going to dive in headfirst to this hellacious week in WWE.

With the Royal Rumble past, the preparations for the WrestleMania have already started.  The Royal Rumble match is always a favorite of mine, and this past Sunday’s match was no exception.  The largest match to date (hopefully the last of its size) was exceptional in my books except for a few reasons.

With a match involving 40 superstars, how do you NOT exceed the Kane-most-eliminations-in-a-single-Royal-Rumble-match limit?  With a match of 40 entrances with 90 second intervals, how do you NOT exceed the Rey Mysterios longest time record?  It’s absurd to me that those records stood strong after Sunday night.  My only defense would be that maybe WWE didn’t want those records to only have been surpassed because of the additional 10 competitors.  Regardless, I disagreed about Punk being discarded by Cena’s Superman routine along with the entire Nexus.  I knew Cena would eliminate the entire Nexus, but eliminating CM Punk that early hurt the surprise at the end of the Rumble to me.  Would you disagree that keeping CM Punk in the Rumble until the end where he could get into the final six (minus Santino hiding) with Cena, Wade, Orton, Del Rio, and Ezekiel Jackson would’ve been better?

Speaking of the Milan Miracle, I saw Santino get knocked under the ropes by Sheamus, but I figured it would receive the Scotty2Hotty (flashbacks anyone?) treatment and Santino would just never be put back in the match.  When I saw the referees throw up their hands after Del Rio eliminated the final superstar, I jumped up knowing that Santino was about to go back in.  My family and I proceeded to grip the edge of our seats, eyes glued to the TV anticipating the surprise win of the decade.  Of course Santino was eliminated by Alberto Del Rio leading to the earsplitting celebration of Ricardo Rodriguez screaming “DEL RIOOOO” as if the audience was deaf.  But hey, for a minute, I felt like I was kid jumping up and down on the sofa rooting for X-Pac (my favorite as a kid… yeah I know) to give his opponent the Bronco Buster.  That’s what matters most is it not?  Giving us those moments that we will cherish for the rest of our lives?  Well anyways, I thought the Santino rolling out from under the ring to challenge Del Rio was a huge shocker and really made the ending better to me.  Not to mention that it gave De Rio some more heat, not that he lacked it.

Alberto Del Rio did what I was hoping someone would do.  Mr. Essence is going to WrestleMania and not as an already established heavyweight champion.  He is the first since Rey to win the Rumble as a competitor who hasn’t won the Big One.  Many believed it is too soon for him, myself including, but I’m excited at the possible Del Rio/Edge WrestleMania confrontation.  WrestleMania is beginning to look like a showcase for new feuds and many of them thrilling possibilities.  Punk/Orton, McIntyre/Dolph, Show/Diesel, Kong/Eve, and Cena/Miz are all predictions that Glazer picked and I can’t say I disagree.

The Nexus part of the rumble where they annihilated everything that moved was fantastic.  It really made the Nexus look like a five-headed Hydra on a rampage.  Even when the Great Khali sliced off one of the heads, another head in the form of Mason Ryan grew in Husky’s place to take care of the Indian giant.  The only real strangeness with the Nexus domination is that it began when David Otunga entered.  Oh really?  David Otunga is what made such a huge difference?  The A-List talker, F-List Wrestler was what changed the tides on the Royal Rumble for the Nexus?  I can’t say I agree with that.  I think McGillicutty or Husky would’ve fit better in that role.  But hey I’m nitpicky.

Anyways moving on, what the heck happened to John Morrison?  The Internet darling pick to win the Rumble goes out before halfway.  I had picked John Morrison to be in the Final Four and I was shocked to see him go out so easily to the Nexus.  It took all four (minus Ryan who hadn’t entered yet) to eliminate him, but, c’mon, it took more on Raw to eliminate JoMo than it did for Nexus.  Despite that, JoMo’s feat with jumping on the barricade and jumping on to the stairs will now replace Shawn Michaels’ one-foot-hit-the-ground clip as it shows how you can stay in without touching the floor.  With all of these amazing things that John Morrison can pull off, how come he can’t pull off a World title match on a PPV?  And why the heck is he still doing that horrific Starship Pain?  Sure it’s pretty, but it’s less dangerous than the Worm and The People’s Elbow and heck sometimes even The Cobra.

Next on the list is Cena.  Cena looked impressive and I actually liked the Hornswaggle bit.  Sure it went a little longer than necessary, and I was half-expecting Cena to dump little Horny over the rope himself to continue his jerk crusade as he has been doing backstage.  Cena looked strong and cheated out of the match by Miz setting up things to come.

Dolph?  Randy?  Why were they in the Rumble?  Please tell me.   I get it with 40 entrants that they needed a bit more star power, but it was unnecessary and really disappointed me more than anything.  I was expecting Vickie to put Dolph in the Rumble abusing her power some more.  Putting Randy in the Rumble just created tension between Cena and he (with which the WWE Universe didn’t even react to) and made the audience forget about Nexus screwing him earlier in the evening.  If Orton did anything in the evening after his match, he needed to run out during the huge Nexus/Corre brawl and RKO Punk or some of the other members of Nexus.

Anyways those are just some of my thoughts on the 2011 Royal Rumble.  Elimination Chamber is just around the corner and it is already heating up as Raw’s Chamber participants and Miz’s challenger were announced.  Jerry Lawler won the 7-man Raw Rumble match to earn his match with The Miz and it didn’t come to a surprise to me when I heard the participants.  No way did I see The King getting in the Chamber.  As for the Elimination Chamber… well it looks good minus R-Fail.  John Morrison, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Sheamus, R-Truth, and John Cena were the six men announced to enter Satan’s Prison in three weeks.  SmackDown should be great this week and TNA actually has a show that looks really good! THEY are announced and it really is a good angle.  Apparently there is a New Nexus and a New THEY running around, gimmick infringement anyone?  I won’t ruin it for you, but tune in tomorrow night and I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

As for me… well that’s a wrap folks.

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