WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 2/4/11: Edge, Kelly Kelly, Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, and Alberto Del Rio Celebrates Royal Rumble Win

Booker T is the Smackdown Color Man.

Vickie Guerrero with Dolph Ziggler in tow announce Smackdown Elimination Chamber qualifying matches and then call out Kelly Kelly. Kelly is sick of Vickie being involved in her personal life and going through her stuff backstage (Was this supposed to be Kaitlyn?). Ziggler gets in her face, so Kelly smacks him and Vickie. LayCool attack, but Edge makes the save.

Did any of this come with any logical foreshadowing at all? What a terrible mess.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel defeat Borscht Marinara in a non-title match.

Good to finally see Nexus Corre looking strong, but this really does not do much for Santino after his big Rumble moment.

Drew McIntyre defeated Kofi Kingston when Alberto Del Rio distracted Kofi.

Del Rio should really now be above Kofi, but this match got time and was said to be quite good.

A 2/21/11 Promo Airs.

Find out what that’s all about right here.

Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger to get into the Elimination Chamber.

Another good, long match, Rey makes sense as someone they’d tease winning and facing Del Rio at Wrestlemania.

Edge is concerned backstage because if Kelly Kelly is pinned tonight, he loses his title. Kelly is mad at Edge not having faith in her, compares him to Drew McIntyre, and storms off.

Is one of the writers dating a crazy woman? This is absurd.

Alberto Del Rio is in the ring with a piñata, Hornswoggle and Ricardo. Hornwsoggle accidentally hits Del Rio, so Del Rio kicks him, then attacks Kofi Kingston when he tries to save, with an assist to Ricardo.

Well, looks like Kofi vs. Del Rio at EC.

Kane squashed Chavo.

Things are back to normal for Chavo after his nice Royal Rumble moment.

Wade Barrett defeats Big Show when Corre beat Show down and Wade is now in the EC. Ezekiel cuts a promo setting up him vs. Show.

Ezekiel talking and in a big program is good. Wade really needs a bit more focus with this group, though. They just don’t seem as dangerous

Edge and Ziggler are the final two EC members.

Naturally, since one of them will hold the belt going in.

Edge and Kelly Kelly defeated Dolph Ziggler and Lay Cool. After the match, Vickie fires Kelly and states that next week is Edge vs. Ziggler with Vickie as guest referee.

Do they give Ziggler a cup of coffee with the title? Probably Kelly interfering to cost Ziggler the match, but you never know.

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Source: PWInsider.com

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