Former ROH Star Kevin Steen says TNA Impact Makes Him Nauseous

Here’s what Steen had to say:

“This won’t look good now that I’m a free agent and I’m looking to make a living off wrestling…

“I’ve watched episodes of TNA iMPACT! and TNA pay-per-views. This is not a knock on the wrestlers because the wrestlers are the only thing that make [TNA] watchable, guys like The Young Bucks and The [Motor City] Machine Guns and Samoa Joe and AJ Styles and others. But I would watch an episode, and I would have to pause it because my head was spinning and I felt a little nauseous just from seeing so many things happening, one after another. The matches have so little time, so they would have to do so much stuff in, like, three minutes.

“I’ve literally gotten physically nauseous from watching TNA.”

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