Kue’s Korner: The Flow is to Go With; The Road to WWE Wrestlemania 27

Good day, my friends and fellow fans of the ring. Welcome to Kue’s Korner, where your friendly-neighborhood Brooklyn dweller, Jonah Kue, is here to post a few thoughts on the world of wrestling. And may I say, what a damn good Rumble we’ve experienced! One of the best so far. And with all the rivalries spilling out of the cup that is the Road to Wrestlemania, it seems we’ve got a pretty damn good card shaping up for our upcoming “Greatest Show of the Year”. So, let’s get on with the whoring, shall we?

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In the most prestigious of times of the year for our realm of sports-entertainment, we fans are at a high level when it comes to our engagement with our passion. It’s because of this engaging that we also notice a few things about certain storylines and superstars that are particularly highlighted. Good thing? Mostly. But it also brings to light our fears about certain things in the business. Examples? Well, let’s list them.

The past few months have seen John Morrison get elevated from upper mid-card to knocking on the main event scene. We’ve seen him do incredible spots, but the past few matches with Sheamus, the Miz, and others , he’s shown a strong sense of psychology in the ring. Thing is, as our friend Pulse Glazer pointed out, the last two nights we’ve seen JoMo, he was known for being a spot guy again. I was worried, just as Mr. Glazer was, but I think it simply sets John Morrison up to be the top of the mid card before Wrestlemania, and thus, the likely winner of Money in the Bank.

A lot of eyes have been wondering if our proud Rumble winner, Del Rio, is really ready to headline the biggest show of them all. Well, let’s take a look at the stats. Is he green? In no way. He’s exceptional in the ring, both technically and psychologically. Is he lacking heat? Are you kidding? The dude is a friggin’ heat magnet. Has he gone over the right stars? He’s beaten Rey Mysterio, teamed with Kane, and one-up’d Edge. Let’s not forget, he also eliminated Orton in the Rumble. Thing is, we’ve been groomed to seeing the same faces main event ‘Mania for so long that a fresh face in the title picture just seems….fresh. It’s time we get over that and recondition ourselves to seeing a new performer headline the show, especially those who have shown they can really get over like Del Rio and the Miz have.

I’m lacking a yellow fist holding a lightning bolt on my chest, but with the roster and the storylines we have building, I say this about our coming Wrestlemania card: faith.


Oh, and those of you who are fans of both DBZ and wrestling like yours truly, here’s a little treat brought to you by our friends at Team Four Star, simply to show how far the influence of the grapple truly has gone.

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