Pulse Wrestling WWE NXT Report: 02.01.2011 – Derrick Bateman, Byron Saxton, Daniel Bryan, Brodus Clay, Johnny Curtis, R-Truth, Chris Masters, Ted DiBiase

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Hooray theme song. And Stryker is in the ring as our…ringmaster. Wakka wakka! He introduces the rookies and their respective pros. Brodus Clay comes in with Ricardo Rodriguez, who says he’s replacing Del Rio tonight, since he’s been so busy after winning the Royal Rumble. Of course. Stryker announces an arm wrestling challenge for immunity points. Johnny Curtis goes against Byron Saxton first. Curtis wins and Saxton gets sent to the back. Next, we’ve got Derrick Bateman going against Brodus Clay. Bateman asks Daniel Bryan to slap him a few times for motivation. Continuously. For him to lose. Bateman gets sent to the back. Curtis vs. Clay. Brodus apparently headbutts Curtis, which gets him disqualified. So, basically, the most bland rookie is immune to elimination. Fantastic.


Byron Saxton vs. Chris Masters

Lock up leads to Saxton getting Masters in the corner and hitting a few shoulder thrusts. Masters reverses and hits a few chest smacks. A fallaway slam by Masters leads to a nearfall. Masters now has a hammerlock on Saxton, but the rookie fights out of it, only to be whipped in the corner. Saxton then runs into a suplex. Saxton comes back with a kick and a second rope fist drop. He gets a nearfall and puts Masters in an armbar. Masters counts with a back drop. He then hits a few clotheslines, selling the armbar. Masters hits a spinebuster, then signals for the Masterlock. He locks it in and it’s over, folks.

Winner: Chris Masters via Knockout (and not Madison Rayne either)

Backstage antics with Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan. Gail Kim comes in and basically hilarity ensues. And Bryan and Kim makeout. Yay.


We get a recap of Clay winning last week’s Four Way elimination challenge and clay dumping Ted DiBiase for Alberto del Rio.

Brodus Clay vs. Ted DiBiase

Maryse comes out separately from DiBiase. Trouble in Paradise? It’s Ghana make him crazy.

They lock up, and Clay gets the power thing going. DiBiase gets a few shots and a chinlock on. He drops a few elbows and a kick to the head. Clay rolls out of the ring, but DiBiases flies out with a fist. He follows with a dropkiick that knocks Clay against the barricade. They both roll in the ring, and Clay finally hits a belly to belly suplex. He shoves DiBiase down, then hits an elbow drop. A nearfall follows. A few punches to Ted’s head, and Clay has a nerve hold on DiBiase’s trap. He throws DiBiase into the corner post. A bodyslam later, Clay attempts a splash, only to catch DiBiase’s foot to the head. DiBiase finally notices Maryse flirting with the commentators. ‘Cause that’s what she’s paid to do. Think about that, advocates for women’s wrestling. The distraction is enough for a bodyslam by Brodus and the pinfall.

Winner: Brodus Clay via pinfall

Backstage antics with Johnny Curtis and Byron Saxton. Nothing noteworthy.


We’re back to another challenge, which Bateman won. I’ll be honest, I was distracted by my fiance during this. I know, so ridiculously professional.

Trailer for :The Chaperone”. All this trailer did was make me realize that Trips should never shave cleanly again. Ever.


Raw Rebound. My main concern? Please don’t waste Morrison. The build up has been exceptional for him to be demoted to spot guy.

R-Truth/Johnny Curtis vs. Daniel Bryan/Derrick Bateman

Truth and Bateman start things off. Lock up into a headlock by Bateman. Whip by Truth. Shoulder block by Bateman. Truth hits a few arm drags. Hammerlock and a tag in to Curtis. Curtis does a headlock takedown, which Bateman reverses into a leg scissors. Bateman then goes for a headlock takedown, which…Curtis reverses into a leg scissors. Lock up again, and they both push each other out of the ring. Shoving contest, and the rookies end up brawling out on the floor. The pros have to seperate them.


We’re back to Curtis having the advantage on Bryan. Bryan then reverses a headlock with a belly to back suplex. Bateman gets tagged in and hits a springboard splash for the nearfall. Bateman hits a vertical suplex for a nearfall. Bateman follows with a reverse chinlock, only for Curtis to fight back with some European uppercuts. Bateman fires back with a reverse elbow and a nearfall. Daniel Bryan gets tagged in, and Curtis and Bryan exchange European uppercuts. Bryan then hits a snapmare and the spinal tap. Bryan gets a nearfall. Bryan then attempts a Mexican surfboard, but failing, he simply hits a modified kneebreaker. He tags in Bateman, who hits a few elbows to the inside knee. Curtis hits a spinning heel kick, and both rookies tag their pros. Truth hits a few clotheslines on Bryan, then a few kicks. Truth tags in Curtis, and they double suplex Bryan. Curtis gets a nearfall. Bateman comes in only to get tossed out by Truth. Curtis misses a top rope leg drop as Bryan rolls out of the way. Curtis attempts a backslide, but Bryan reverses it into the LaBelle lock which makes Curtis call it a night.

Winner: Daniel Bryan/Derrick Bateman via submission

And they all lived happily ever after.

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