The Vampire Diaries – Episode 2-13 Review

“I can’t believe that Elena is my sister’s husband’s brother’s daughter…..and her mother is my boyfriend’s deceased wife.”

I love that line.

Sorry this is a bit late, but apparently my driveway is so icy that even the mailman won’t walk on it.  I guess there’s a reason why “ice” isn’t included in that “rain, sleet, snow” motto.  What a load!

Anyway, last week I suggested that “The Descent” should have been the episode that led into the hiatus, and “Daddy Issues” (this week’s episode) should have been the episode they returned with.  After viewing this episode, I stand by that statement.  This week’s hour included some great character growth, some exciting fight scenes, some unsettling violence, and a number of intriguing developments.  While “The Descent” wasn’t bad, it was somewhat a lackluster way to return from a multi-month break.  This episode was far better suited for that role.

Amazingly, Caroline may very well have been the highlight of this very strong episode.  No matter the situation, she kept a level, likeable head.  When she was confronted by Tyler about her deception, her argument was convincing.  When she spoke with Matt about their relationship issues, she didn’t come across as some twisted chick juggling two best friends.  When she was approached by Jules, she played it cool and avoided confrontation.  And at the conclusion of the episode, when she was again approached by Tyler, she was incredibly strong and courageous.  I actually admired her.  And her second discussion with Matt….well, her choice of alibi was just unfortunate.

Above all else, though, the scene in which she was being tortured was borderline uncomfortable.  It was graphic and ruthless, and I completely understood how rattled she was afterwards.  And her connection with Stefan throughout the entire ordeal was downright sweet.  In fact, the juxtaposition between the “vampire family” and the “werewolf family” was great.  The former was built on concern and affection, and the latter was born out of violence and revenge.

I did enjoy the fight scene quite a bit, actually.  Particularly Damon nonchalantly tearing out one of the werewolves’ hearts.  And considering how frequently the show kills off secondary characters – even important secondary ones – there was a sense that there could be a semi-major fatality.  And between Damon and Stefan, Elijah and the witches, and John and Katherine, there are so many people attempting to protect Elena – each for their own reasons (and in the first case, those reasons are legitimately thoughtful and selfless), while at odds with the others trying to protect her.

And I’m rather intrigued by John’s return.  What exactly is his agreement with Katherine?  Ya’ know, the vampire who cut off his fingers and repeatedly stabbed him, leaving him for dead?  Methinks Elena may be wise to not trust him.

I did have one qualm, though.  So Stefan revealed that Bonnie’s witch friend is working with Elijah.  When exactly did they find this out?  Later on in the episode Bonnie divulged that Elijah told Elena, but the timeline of the two scenes was awkward.

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