EXW Xtreme Tuesday 02.01.2011 — Derick Neikirk, Val Venis, Tyson Tyler

Xtreme Tuesday – February 1st, 2011

Everything kicked off with new Elite Xtreme Wrestling owner, Sheik. He announced that he was sick of FTW’s shenanigans, which is what led to him purchasing the company. So what did he plan to do with his new toy? A tag team tournament! There would be a series of tag team matches that would eventually narrow down to two teams at Up For Grabs. It was evident that the Freak Squad would be in the first contest, as they entered with their stunning valet, Terra Calaway.

The Freak Squad
Frenchy Riviera and Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli
Cutler Wright and Andrew Hellman

Once all the names were announced, I was a bit surprised that this was kicking off the show. It definitely sounded like it had the potential to be a killer main event, as it has all the ingredients I would use for a successful finale. Not only were they some of my favorites, but they were all heels. The tension was sure to be thick as they all fought it out. Hellman was fascinating as he made Wright do his dirty work, refusing to tag in as Riviera and Vitalli slowly dissected the Vegas-born star. Finally, Vitalli connected with a Superkick to Wright, who crawled towards Hellman’s extended hand…only for the Elite Champion to pull his hand away. Wright then proceeded to be pinned, advancing the Freak Squad to the next round in the tournament.
Winner(s): The Freak Squad

After the match, the Freaks didn’t seem to be finished with Wright, prompting Ryan Castellucci (who was serving as the color commentator for the evening) to run out and fight them off, along with the side-lined Woody Santanelli, whom was a former tag team partner of Castellucci. It was then that he looked at Wright, and offered his hand, which Wright shook graciously.

Johnny Manson and his mask (Maskin Robbins)
Sal and Ray Basura

Shifting gears a bit, I was a bit surprised to see that Johnny Manson’s partner was the Hannibal-like mask he carted around, but not worried. Before the match even begun, some tempers rose high as Sal accidentally knocked down his tag team partner, who then pounced on him. Nevertheless, the bell rang and they were off. Sal has come an awfully long way from chewing on the mat every time he entered, and really impressed in this showing. Manson held his own, making up for the lack of living partner. And Basura, whom I’ve only seen on occasion, was intriguing, but I don’t feel I’ve seen what he is capable of, whether that is good or bad. All I know is that the constant frustration from Basura due to Sal’s accidental offense on his partner was entertaining, and the whole match did not lag, even for a moment.
Winner: Johnny Manson and his mask

Adan Reyes
Kyle Hawk

It had been a hot minute since we’d last seen Kyle Hawk in action, and this would be the second time we’ve seen Reyes, who debuted for EXW in the Battle Royale at Bad Intentions. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Reyes, as it was still too early to determine. But I had high expectations for Hawk, that were not quite met. There was a lot of back and forth but something didn’t jive right. Something didn’t seem right, and I can’t put my finger on quite what it was. It was almost like Hawk’s head was somewhere else as his spots lacked the energy he normally has. Overall, it wasn’t the best match I’ve seen, but Reyes is promising enough, and Hawk has been good enough, that I’m not worried for these two one bit.
Winner: Kyle Hawk

Chuey Martinez and Shane Stratmore
Derick Neikirk and Val Venis

Everyone knows how much I love watching Stratmore, and Martinez. But I was sure this match was going to be a quick little match, and I’m very glad I was wrong. The two put up a tremendous fight and proved they were worthy of competing for the first tag team belts. In the wake of Venis’s stunning heel turn, I wondered what would happen as a result, and I was immensely impressed by his aggression. He and his tag team partner seemed to be on a rampage, destroying the two men in the most entertaining of fashions. But the overall implosion of all four men and their individual efforts in doing so made this match a success.
Winner(s): Derick Neikirk and Val Venis

Miracle Mike James and Moshpit Mike
Lawrence Tyler and Tyson Tyler

This was not the main event I expected, especially being only the fifth match on the card, but it’s the main event I wanted, albeit with a few flaws. This match followed a formula I simply love, as it started small and slowly built its way up. It was refreshing to see a main event that was so different from the daily grind and all four men shined. Moshpit has come such a long way from when I first encountered him, Miracle Mike has come an even longer way from a backup announcer, and it was great to see Lawrence and Tyson together. The latter two looked solid as they annihilated the two Mike’s, but that momentum proved to be pointless. Neikirk and Venis ran out to ensure that the Tyler’s would not advance in the tournament, forcing a disqualification.
Winner(s): Moshpit Mike and Miracle Mike James

Sheik reappeared to sum up the evening, announcing that the next Xtreme Tuesday would see the following matches in the Tag Team Tournament Semi Finals:


Moshpit Mike and Miracle Mike James
Johnny Manson and a partner of his choosing


The Freak Squad
Derick Neikirk and Val Venis


Although this show was quite short, I thought everything was executed very well. And despite the “taped-together tag team” concept I sometimes dislike, everything seemed to flow just right. They found good matches for each team, and the ones that didn’t fit as well…well, they’re not in the tournament anymore anyway. I just wonder why they’re giving away a colossal match like The Freaks and Neikirk/Venis before their anniversary show, Up For Grabs.

You can find information on their Twitter and Facebook, as well as watch them live for the next Xtreme Tuesday on February 15th on their website. What, would you rather watch NXT?

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