10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 2.7.11 (Randy Orton, John Cena and Nexus, Vince McMahon’s Announcement)

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Come one, come all!  To the grandest attraction of them all!  Monday Night RAW!  Featuring circus clowns such as Santino Marella, giants like The Great Khali, and talking snakes such as Randy Orton! Anyways enough with the circus talk, lets get to it. I’m your host Rhett Davis and here, with my audition, are my 10 Thoughts on RAW!

1.  So RAW kicks off with an announcement from the Chairman of the board who has been missing since The Nexus punked(pardon the pun) him out last summer.  Apparently, next week the Guest Host for WrestleMania will be announced. 

2.  HOLY CRAP CONTINUANCE! RAW jumps back to 2008 when Orton with the Legacy(including Manu) beat up and punted Punk in the head(costing him the World Heavyweight Championship). Awesome.

3.  So The New Nexus members have to fight in individual matches… haven’t we done this before? Oh wait they are against Elimination Chamber competitors.

4.  Then R-Truth forgets how to use a map and tells Milwaukee that they are in Green Bay.  They don’t take it very kindly.  Mason Ryan then squashes R-Truth with the backing of the “Milwaukee” chanting audience.

5.  Call me a sucker, but the Gail Kim/Bella Twins drama actually has my interest.  Too bad that’s the only storyline since Mickie/Trish that has.

6.  A new 2.21.11 vignette premiers and it is a disappointment to me.  The song says “Ain’t no grave gunna hold my body down.”  Doesn’t that just give away that it is The Undertaker? Grave? He was buried?  Grave?  He’s an UNDERTAKER. Maybe I’m wrong, but… sigh.

7.  John Morrison defeated McGillicutty and what does he get for winning?  Some hairspray from Punk.  Well that’s pretty considerate considering how much the guy probably goes through.

8.  So I’m guessing this is how they are going to hide Lawler’s ring rust.  Throwing him in a tag match with Daniel Bryan as a partner.  Not that I’m complaining.  Anytime Daniel Bryan is in a match where he actually has some time to shine is fine by me.

8(a) Btw, Ted DiBiase went from the next Randy Orton to jobber for Jerry Lawler. Poor guy just can’t get over.

9.  The set-up of Mark Henry supposedly talking about Sheamus only for Sheamus to talk smack right back was brilliant.  Mark then proceeded to annihilate Sheamus.  I don’t know if Otunga set him up or if Punk set him up but it was brilliant.

9.1.  Well it looks like I’ll be going over, on my first week. Oops.

9.2  Milwaukee was really into the show tonight and proceeded to back Santino as he threw Del Rio over the top rope referencing the Rumble.  Of course Del Rio came out on top, but Santino actually hung in there for awhile.

9.3  P.S. Punk looked really sinister when he gave the GTS to Randy at the beginning of the show after the Nexus beatdown.  Why can’t we have blood?

9.4  Cena, Vickie, and Dolph in the same ring again?  It’s pretty great since Vickie and Cena are pratically opposite sides of the spectrum.  No one gets heat like Vickie and not many get quite a pop as Cena does. 

9.5  So Cena low blows Punk to end the match?  What kind of face is this??

10.  Lawler helps Cena out by handing him a Steel Chair to take out Otunga and McGillicutty.  Set-up for next week anyone?

Well I had fun reviewing RAW and it was a pretty good show.  Feel free to leave comments in the section below.  Thanks for reading and that’s a wrap.

Rhett Davis is a college student striving to become an engineer one day. He enjoys watching men fight over a pigskin, partying it up, and watching oiled up men move each other in unique positions on a mat. He started writing on 1/19/11.